Sunday, September 21, 2008

the truth...the whole truth... and nothing but the truth

Ok so one of my students asked me on friday if i believe you should always tell the truth. Well being a teacher, of course I answered yes. followed by a wonderful mini-lesson on the truth. (my fellow teachers know about the teachable moment).

My student then gives me a hypothetical situation. ... "your best friend is reallllllllly ugly, and asks you if you think she is pretty. what do you say?" needless to sayi was a bit dumb founded... do i tel my student that in ths case you should lie, eventhough i gave this whole mini lesson on the value of the truth. or do i tell him that i would tell the truth, which would actualy be a lie.

my wonderful student, just kinda smiled while i sat there contemplating my next move. he chuckled a bit thenwalked off. I know i could have came back with some awesome answer about inner beauty over powering physical.... but at that moment all i could do was sit.

So my question to you... do you always tell the truth, even if it meant hurtng the ones you love?

I really have a hard time answering this, as at times tellign the truth has cost me friendships. I told a friend a honest answer and it was not what he/she wanted to hear. so when do you tell the truth? when do you lie? and when do you just sit there dumb founded? And is not answering worse than answering?

does the truth really set us free?

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