Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good bye 1st trimester... hello 2nd!!!!

Well today is the 1st day of our 2nd trimester. Needless to say, we are very happy to be out of our 1st trimester. We have a dr's appointment tomorrow so i'm hoping we will get to have another sonogram or at least do the doppler. You would think since the 1st trimester is the "danger zone" that you would go to the dr a little more than every 4 weeks.

SO.... here are a few updates....

I am constantly tired, and sleep most of the day! Thank God for Summer!!!
i apparently dont like cucumbers or peanut butter any more (2 of my favorite foods)
I'm starting to crave things, salt, sour gummy worms, and vanilla ice cream with fudge!!!! not all together though lol!!!
I am constantly hot and always need the fan on! (gotta love texas heat)

I've always been very emotional, but since i've been pregnant I really dont cry anymore. Well let me rephrase that, i dont cry about things that normally bring on the water works.
exp: this was my last year coaching and last spring show: one of my officers wrote me a beautiful letter and started balling about how much she was gonna miss me. Now normally I would be a total wreck, but no tears. However, Sean asked me a few days ago what did i do that day besides sleep and i started balling! Go figure!

Another new addition.... is something i like to call "evening sickness"
Most people get sick in the mornings and during their first trimester. But starting this week, i get sick at night. It really sucks!!! I guess i should have knocked on a little more

well i guess that's it. i will keep you posted!

pregnancy cartoon pregnancy cartoon

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This weekend was nuts!!!! Alot of fun, but nuts to say the least.
We had an awesome time in elpaso and truly enjoyed seeing all the Harris side of the family.

The first wedding we attended was for Sean's sister Joi and her new hubby Calvin.

We had an awesome time. Here are a few pics from her wedding (well the reception, since we were both in the actual wedding)

The second wedding was Sean's cousin Milton and his new wife Andrea.

They had a beautiful wedding plus the cutest little boy ever (Noah).
The moment i saw him i fell in love with that little smile.

Sean was so excited to see some of his old high school friends.
(some of them he hadn't seen since high school)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank you discovery health!!!

So since i've been out of school, I find my self watching discovery health and tlc constantly.

And there is constantly something on about babies and child birth (needless to say sean isn't enjoying the actual "birth" ones!)

Well yesterday i was watching a video about growth and it actually made me feel so much better. They showed this progression of bellies, and most of the women at weeks were showing and quite round.

This was very comforting since i've already had the "You're gonna be huge comment" quite a bit! It's nice to know that i'm not the only huge one!


on a side note i've been meanig to post pics from the wild flower festival.
My family (minus sean, who was working of course) went to see The Whalers, a Bob Marley tribute band!!!

my mom, sister tanya, and neice/god-daughter ryleigh

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ON FIRE!!!!!

So our AC is broken, and i'm pretty sure that i'm burning up!!!!
I've tried everything to cool off and nothing seems to work.
At this point i'm so happy to be having a winter baby because if i was 8 or 9 months preggo with no AC i would possibly kill someone!!!!
What to do what to do???
Luckilty we have american homeshield and according to them a repair man should be here today.....
However, I have not heard anything from the AC company and i'm contemplating making an irrate phone call!

Monday, June 8, 2009


So a few weeks after i found out I was pregnant my friend Whitleigh gave me the funniest book ever... The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy...

i definitely think every woman should read this book... it's hilarious... I even force Sean to listen to segments which i think he needs to know...

wedding video