Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Home

'I wish' .... I could come home to this house everyday!
(ok so i know this is not a current Wishful Wednesday  topic, but since they haven't posted one in a while i thought it would be fun to respond to a topic i haven't done before.)

So, this amazing house is called "Tranquility Estate"
If you have any question why i chose this house, just check out the video below.  

In case you are wondering the price is just a meager $100 million dollars... SOLD!!!!! no biggie, let me just pull that out of my back pocket!!!

By the way.  if your read my blog via facebook you have to go to to see everything!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey Grandma Dea & TiTi Joi

I send Sean's mom and sister videos of Lani every so often.
This one was too cute not to share with everyone else~


So everyone knows how much i love a camera. 
And if an opportunity presents itself, i'm snapping some shots

Here are a few i've done. if you are into photography please send tips my way.  the more the merrier.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

14 months

Wow!!! Its so hard to believe that my Lani-bug is 14 months old!

She is super grown up and becoming more and more of a diva each day!

~row row row your boat has replaced patty cake as the fav nursery rhyme
~ elmo
~ strawberries
~saying "" Oh"   (to everything that you say to her)
~in a big girl car seat
~constantly dancing and singing
~survived her first road trip to east texas
~strep throat
~ loves showers with mommy
~trying out the straw sippy cup
~9-12 mo clothes
~size 3 diapers
~ size 3-4 shoes depending on brand
~will sit and watch an entire hour of sesame street
~says "  Uh-Oh"  when she drops something
~ says "  I sorry"   randomly to people
~snaps her fingers and stomps her feet when music is playing
 ~has 6 teeth
~weighs approx 20lbs
~loves loves loves her doggies, and will jet outside to play with them the minute the patio door opens
~scared to death of the door bell or the alarm beeping when someone opens a door
~very aware of stranger danger
~scared to death of the dr's office and the nail lady
~obsessed with nini's head set for the i-phone and insists on having it the moment my mom walks in the door   

Friday, March 18, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!! (i know its been a while)

1. Have you ever testified in court? For what?
Nope! cant say i had that pleasure.  I did have a car accident that went to court once because the lady was a wack-o, and i was prepped for questioning but never had to.  
2. Do you still have your wedding dress?
Yes I do... not sure what to do with it.  Thought about selling it once (dont tell my mom, she spent alot on it). Originally i was thinking i would pass it down to Lani, and while my dress was **Fabulous** I'm sure she is gonna
 want to wear her own dream dress.

3. Is there a special place you like to go when you're happy, sad, stressed, etc.?
Yes.  there is a park by my house i go to whenever i'm upset.  

4. If you have kids, do they sleep with you? If you don't have kids...will you let your kids sleep with you when/if you have them?
well.... she's not supposed to but she does for at least part of the night. 
Or house was broken into when she was little so i have a panic attack every time she stays in here room.  So now she sleeps in a pack-n-play next to our bed, but climbs into our bed most nights.

5. Do you watch late night TV?
That would imply that i'm up late enough to watch late night tv... so i'm going to go with a big fat NO on that one.  but when i was up with Lani, i would watch Chelsea Lately

wedding video