Saturday, March 19, 2011

14 months

Wow!!! Its so hard to believe that my Lani-bug is 14 months old!

She is super grown up and becoming more and more of a diva each day!

~row row row your boat has replaced patty cake as the fav nursery rhyme
~ elmo
~ strawberries
~saying "" Oh"   (to everything that you say to her)
~in a big girl car seat
~constantly dancing and singing
~survived her first road trip to east texas
~strep throat
~ loves showers with mommy
~trying out the straw sippy cup
~9-12 mo clothes
~size 3 diapers
~ size 3-4 shoes depending on brand
~will sit and watch an entire hour of sesame street
~says "  Uh-Oh"  when she drops something
~ says "  I sorry"   randomly to people
~snaps her fingers and stomps her feet when music is playing
 ~has 6 teeth
~weighs approx 20lbs
~loves loves loves her doggies, and will jet outside to play with them the minute the patio door opens
~scared to death of the door bell or the alarm beeping when someone opens a door
~very aware of stranger danger
~scared to death of the dr's office and the nail lady
~obsessed with nini's head set for the i-phone and insists on having it the moment my mom walks in the door   

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