Friday, January 29, 2010


" Hey little Lani... why you smell so stinky?????"
Ok so thats not exactly how the song went, but you get the point.

Who would imagine that something so little and cute could be so smelly at times  (PEEEEEEEEEEEE-EEEEEEEEEW) !!!
The best part is that normally when a little smell slides out, she makes this crooked little smile that you cant help but laugh at, or this snorting sound then laughs, as if she is cracking herself up!  I've decided she gets her gassiness from daddy.   We will definitely have to discuss how to be a lady when she's older but for now it's just funny.  I'm sure one day she is going to kill me for telling everyone that she is a little stinker, but what can i say she's just TOO STINKIN CUTE  not to tell!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cant believe its been two weeks

Happy 2 week birthday honey!
it's so hard to believe that you have been here for 2 weeks!

we love you so much and are so thankful that god has blessed us with you.

Here is a pic of Daddy putting you to sleep early this morning but it looks like you put him to sleep instead


Now most women are super emotional during their pregnancy,and while i had moments of sensitivity, i think i was fairly sane (others may differ in opinion)!!! Since Langston has been born, I have been super sensitive.
my doctor warned me that my emotions would increase dramatically due to the sudden change in hormone levels. i never knew it would be like this. Now granted i'm not crying 24/7, but when the sprinklers come on, watch out. Today was one of those sprinkler days. i'm pretty sure i balled 1/2 of the day! Luckily i have amazing family who came to my rescue (thanks Aunt Nikki) and gave me a few hours of me time to "woooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaw" or cook us dinner (my sweet brother and sisteri n law). I'm not sure how I would have made it this far with out my family, especially with Sean going back to work. they've been a major help, especially my mom. She literally cooked and cleaned and burped, and anything else you can think of for an entire week. Because of the c-section I was really limited on what I could do at first. Honestly it really put me into a reality check of what all it took to be a parent this week.
I've been alone with Lani and didn't quite realize how much work was involved! doctor visits, round the clock feeding and diaper change, sleep deprivation. don't get me wrong I'm grateful for every minute of the last two weeks, but i have a whole new appreciation of my parents!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

poor little thing (possibly tmi)

my poor baby had a bit of a crummy weekend.
fyi: sad baby = even sadder mommy= sad daddy

Miss Langston was not able to go #2 for most of the weekend, and when she did, my poor baby cried, cringed and grunted her way through it. Needless to say i was in tears right along with her.
Thanks to my resident baby expert (Umoh) we gave Langston watered down baby prune juice Sunday morning.
Every toot or wet diaper i felt i assumed she was finally able to go.
And each time she couldn't go, my heart broke a little more.

Finally this morning my baby went poo.
And when i say went, i mean this girl went.
i have never been so happy to see a smelly, dirty diaper.
As strange as it sounds it was such a relief for both of us (in slightly different ways though).

needless to say my baby is a happy camper now!
and I'm sure we are all relieved.

"happy baby= happy wife= happy life"
(so eloquently stated by one of the husbands on RHONJ)

Here are a few pics from the past week!
its so hard to believe that she is really ours!
i have never been so in love (ok well maybe with sean :P but you know what i mean)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath!!!

Sean and I were able to give Langston a bath together tonight! We noticed she sleeps better when she gets her bath before bed. We forgot to take pic of her first sponge bath, but this was the first time we got to bath her (just the two of us.) It was a special night for us and makes me realize even more how thankful i am for our little family!!!

daddy getting her ready for bath time

washing her little bootie

enjoying bath time

she loved getting her hair washed at first.....

"ok yall it's cold! i'm so over this"

getting lotioned up

"awwww that feels good"

Lets see how long she sleeps tonight!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tuesday my mom and I took Langston for her one week check up! It was so exciting! Dr. Freideman has been my doctor since I was in middle school. It seemed special to me to have him take care of our little girl as well.

We received alot of great news:
 ~ she now weighs 6 lbs 12 oz (a whole pound more than her birth weight)
~ she is now 19 inches long (1 inch gain)
~ She had to have blood drawn so that the could recheck her jaundice levels. (she was sucha trooper and slept right through it)
~ today the dr's office called to tell us that her jaundice levels have improved ( she still has to continue her daily sun baths)

Her next appointment will be in one month! I can only imagine how much she will have changed by then!

pics of her first appointment:

 Having her measurements taken by Keisha

Getting a bottle from NiNi after her 1st diaper change!

A picture with Dr. Friedman shortly before she poo'd on him!
(I couldn't help but laugh)


(our little girl on her 1 week birthday )

Its so hard to imagine that a week ago today we were preparing for the biggest day in our lives. I cant begin to explain the emotions we felt that day! The nerves, the excitement, the concern, the joy.... i could go on forever.

So how has our lives changed in one week:
~ we now have a 3 person household (makes our little family more official)
~ we no longer get to decide when we go to bed or wake up (she runs that show for now)
~ we now have someone who depends on us for everything in her life
~ we now refer to each other as mommy and daddy (or dada)
~ we have been given the best gift in the world
~ we have grown closer as a couple

How has Langston changed:
~ she is much more alert (she sleeps about 15 hours a day versus the 20 she used to sleep)
~ she laughs and smiles when we talk to her
~ she looks at you when you talk her
~ she gives everyone the "stink eye" when she laughs (Daddy now calls her Stink Eye)
~ she loves sun bathing in her swing

I know it has only been a week but it seems like a life time we have spent together already! she is truly the best thing i've ever done. Some how I feel the word is better with her in it! i know ours is for sure!

here is a little video of her swinging in the sun!

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm not sure if any of you watched the show Touched By an Angel, but i remember watching it when i was little and wondering if angels really walked among us. This year, but mostly this week I learned that they do (note i've already started crying).

About 15 years ago i met a rather odd girl at the first day of Eaglette practice. Our "Big Sisters" sent us on a scavenger hunt to find out who they where. She found her final clue quickly, but my big sis chose take me on a wild goose chase (thank you kee kee. i still love you)! despite having to look forever, she never left my side, and even laid in the middle of Beltline with me!

Over the years we have been through our fare share of ups and downs. But some how we always seem to find our way back to each other. The last 10 months Umoh has been so helpful to me. giving me advice about pregnancy and delivery (although some of it scared the crap out of me), and answering all my questions. (Actually i ask her about a lot of medical stuff in general. I guess cause she is a nurse i assume she knows the answer to everything!!)

The past two weeks though she has really been supportive.
~Listening to my many gripes about pregnancy
~answering all of my delivery questions
~ helping me with my pumping (btw breastfeeding is a story in its self0
~and just being there

I cant begin to explain how thankful i am to have her. There is no way i would have made it through the past few days without her!

"Angels do exist but sometimes without wings.
We call them friends."

Bringing Home Baby!!!!

Any one who knows me, knows that i love reality television; especially the ones on tlc, discovery health, and we!!! (all the baby and medical shows)

One of my favorite shows is "BRINGING HOME BABY!!!" Secretly i want to audition for one of those shows one day !!!

now im not sure how much longer Lani will sleep, but i wanted to give a few updates!!!

~she is an eating machine so she is actually getting breast milk and formula (both via bottle as she gets frustrated that the milk doesnt start out at full force)

~ she weighs 5lbs 10 oz. i know you're probably thinking it should be higher,but this is awesome!!!! she had dropped down to 5lbs oz by friday!!!

~ she eats at least 30 oz (1o more than she is supposed too)

~ she sleeps for about 4 hours in between feedings

she is the most beautiful and wonderful thing i have ever seen! Every moment of every day i feel so blessed and honored to be her mother

here is a picture of my sweet baby as we were about to leave the hospital

Friday, January 15, 2010

LABOR & DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!

so where do i begin?????? i guess i will start with the beginning.

I cant begin to tel you how anxious I was Wednesday morning... i literally woke up and checked the alarm clock every 30 minutes, as if I would ever actually over sleep. Secretly, i was also a bit bothered that Sean as able to sleep so peacefully. (ok, it wasn't really a secret)

finally at 5:30 i decided to call it quits on this whole sleep thing, and got up and took a shower. I also did my hair and make up. why should sean and Langston look great in pics, while i look like swamp thing????

After sean was up and ready we left for the hospital. We arrived at the front desk right at 7:30 am. they escorted us to the room, and that is where it all began.....

Things started off very well. i was already contracting when they hooked me up to the monitors. my mom and dad arrived shortly after followed by my sister cylinda, nikki, and finally dr. b!!!! Dr. B gave the ok to start the pitocin to make my contraction more steady and productive. After 3 hours of pitocin ( with steady dosage increases every 30 mins) i was ready for the epidural. Despite being super scared about receiving the epidural, the anesthesiologist was super gentle and nice, and had me feeling cozy in a matter if minutes. the nurse then checked me again (after the epidural had some time to kick in) and discovered that i was 4 1/2 cm and 100% effaced. now to the untrained mother (like myself), this all sound great!!!!! wooooo hooooo right! wrong. the nurse tells me that you should dilate and efface at the same rate. Therefore i should be dialated to a ten. the nurse went forth to tell me that she could feel scar tissue on my cervix (from a surgery a few years ago) and that she would need to break the scar. Sounds fine to me seeing as i cant feel a thing thanks to my wonderful friend epidural. she begins to "stretch" my cervix, and then the waiting is resumed. After another hour or so, Dr. B stops by and stretches my cervix some more. Dr. B warns me that it will now be a waiting game for my cervix to finish dilating, but we should be back in business soon. (12:30ish)

Fast forward to 4:30 (sean has run to popeyes to get food and take a break)... i am now dilated to 5 1/2 cms,and my blood pressure has gone up!!!the nurse has me roll on my right side to help lower my bp. while I'm laying on my side, my mom is standing behind me and talking to my nurse. It seems as if they are whispering, but i really wasn't listening to them, as i was more distracted by the number of nurses that have suddenly join the room. Suddenly it dawns on me that this is not social hour. I stat to roll over to see whats happening behind me, but no one will let me look. i try to listen more intently to their conversation and notice that everyone keeps asking "does dr b know yet?" or "where is dr b? who paged her?"

At this point i know that this is more than just my bp. I roll over and demand to be told what is going on. Just as i see that Langston's heart monitor is now in the 30's dr b walks in, and informs me that we are going to have a c section immediately. seconds later the anesthesiologist walks in with more meds, and starts to numb me from the shoulders down. sean walks in a few seconds later and is handed scrubs and told to get dressed!!!!

quite honestly everything else is a blur. i remember the anesthesiologist explaining the entire procedure, and that it would take 45 mins. the next thing i remember is some one holding lani upside down in the air, and a few secs later saying, "ok we are all done". They announced that she was 5lbs13 oz and 18 inches, which i found hard to believe. i dont remember much else until about an hour or two later in the recovery room.

All i know is that I am super blessed to have God watching over me and my fam, especially my beloved Langston!!! And despite the long "labor " God had definitely "delivered" us!


JAN 13TH, 2010
5:49 PM

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Langston~

My dear baby,

It is so hard to believe that tomorrow you will be here. While we both are scared, nervous, anxious, and about 100 other emotions, we both agree that tomorrow will be the most important, amazing, and life changing day of our lives. We have waited so long for you to get here and cant believe that God has trusted us with such a fragile, sweet and innocent little angel. As you grow, i know there will be times that we might not always agree, but know that we are always on your side and have your best in mind. I pray that you grow to be a beautiful and successful person, and that you always remember that your dreams are in reach. See you tomorrow my sweet angel!

love, mommy

Saturday, January 9, 2010


FINALLY!!!! pregnancy is coming to an end!!!! while i love feeling my little girl move inside me, this has definitely put a tole on my body.
lets see...
3 visits to the hospital...
feeling like an oven....
stretch marks..........
motion sickness (literally any long car drives and planes)....
and now high blood pressure and bed rest....

the only upside to this last side effect is that i now have an induction date. Jan. 13th!!!! wooooot woooot!!! there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!! i cant wait. sean and i are so excited to meet our little girl and hold her our my arms. It seems like our pregnancy has been a lifetime, and that everyone else has had their baby. it is so nice to know that we will have here here with us Wednesday and that the beginning of the rest of our lives will start.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not a happy camper!!!!

so as I make it to the end of this pregnancy, I haven't been the happiest camper!
i've been sore and tired and all around crummy.

Luckily for me Sean has really stepped up his A-game.
For the past few days he has been there to take care of me and has thought of what i might want before i even realize it.

He has cleaned, made dinner, been a handy man, and just really been attentive.
I feel truly blessed to have him around through these last few miserable days....

needless to say, since i've been miserable every one has given us suggestions to induce labor.

1. eat eggplant
2. eat spicy food
3. walk
4. hot baths
5. sex

Now i wont go into details but i am a science teacher, so i decided to put these to the test. I have concluded that all of these but #1 are wives tales and not a proven method (i'm not a fan of eggplant so i cant vouch for that). All i did cause was more soreness, indigestion,or general discomfort. I've decided i'm going to call my dr tomorrow and try to convince her again that she needs to either induce me or put me on bed rest. I've been so cranky!!!! i feel horrible for my students.

pregnancy cartoon

wedding video