Monday, September 28, 2009

Langston??? Where did you get that name???

Langston actually originated prior to sean and i getting married. My aunt MeMe was pregnant with a little girl, and looking for a unique name. i had seen the cutest little girl and her name was Langston, so i suggested the name. My aunt decided on the name Langston Jolee (Jolee: was a combo of my grandparents name Jonita and Leroy, who had both passed). A few weeks before she was born my aunt changed the name the Macy Jolee (which reminded me of macy grey, coincidentally the baby has grey eyes). Although a bit disappointed, i let my aunt know that if/when i had a daughter, her name would be Langston (sean was not yet aware).

2 years later i found out i was preggo and naming the baby seemed to be a simple task. or so i thought. Sean was not too excited about the name Langston. So we came to the agreement that if we had a boy sean could choose the name (with my help), and if we had a girl, I would choose the name.

Sean decided on Dylan Carter for a boy. Dylan means "son of the sea"!!! Since sean is a self proclaimed water baby, this was the perfect name for our little boy. Carter the meaning "a bringer of good"!!!

For a girl, i chose Langston meaning " a long or long island" and Nicole meaning "victory or victory of the people". I went on a website and used a program to explain her name. The website stated she would be a great Leader and athlete! If sean had any doubt on her name, i think it went out the window with that definition! The nick name Lani (pronounced lay-nee) was a combo of both name La-Langston and Ni-Nicole!

*** on a side note yes i know that langston is a boy name, much like ryan, taylor, colby, etc, and although it was not inspired by Langston Hughes, he is one of my favorite poets, and one of the first poetry books that my mother gave me!

The joys and struggles!!!

some days are truly easier than others. i never realized how difficult pregnancy could be! last night i was lucky to experience a random case of the stomach flu. now normally when you have a stomach bug the dr tells you to stay home, get rest stay on fluids! But since i'm preggo i got to spend 4 hours in the hospital hooked up to monitors, and given lots of fluids to drink (no iv yeah). Although i began to feel better, despite being tired, it was truly frightening. Not only was i bit worried that i was sent to labor and delivery and not just a normal room, but the fact that i had to sign all of these in case of emergency papers, for Lani and I (sean was at work so it was scary making some of these decisions by myself). As long as my baby was taken care of i was ok. SO FYI, my choice is to choose her! if it comes between the 2 of us! choose her!!!!

At home you are not aware of how your babies heart rate can fluctuate. but i quickly realized that certain positions caused Lani's heart rate to go down drastically. anytime the beeping or numbers changed i started to stress out! however it was comforting to hear that our little girl is strong and healthy! but the nurse did tell me that i need to be more diligent about taking my prenatal vitamins!. so around 11 pm i was able to go home. told to stay off heavy foods for a while and stick to liquids! hopefully we wont be going back until she is due!!!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flashback throught the years!!!!

As i was thinking i realized many of you don't now much about our "history"!!!


We met our Freshman year at SFA, in August of 2000. Now according to various sources, there are many ways in which Sean and I met. So as soon as we get an official story I'll let you know. I do however remember that he stole my cheesecake. The odd thing is that neither of us were supposed to go to SFA. I went because all my friends were going there, and sean went because his cousins were there. We were both dating other people in the beginning but quickly became "bestfriends." I say bestfriends with a giggle, because it was always obvious we had feeling for each other. We officially became a couple midnight New Years Eve 2001, after months of round about, on and off dating!


... once upon a time... in the far off land of Pearland, Texas.... Just kidding Actually I thought Sean would propose New Years Eve, since that is our anniversary, so when midnight had come and gone, I was just a "tad bit" upset. (hehehe. marieanne may tell you diffrent!) The next morning I woke up in a "not so pleasant" mood and crying my eyes out. Being the wonderful man that he is, Sean tells me to “stop crying!!!” and to hang around the house all day for the cable man. Around 3 pm the cable man had not arrived and needless to say I’m a bit agitated. I call Sean t let him know that he needs to take care of this, because I would like to go shopping. (After all, it is New Years day). So he tells me that the cable guy is no longer coming, but he would like to go to dinner for our anniversary. After a short discussion or lecture on our anniversary date, I agree to go to dinner (Red Lobster) “at 6pm exactly”. I get dressed up, per request oof sean, only to find out that he is wearing jean. Then to also find out that he didn’t even make a reservation. So now I’m angry!!! As we arrive at the restaurants, which must be at least 45 minutes away. I go in to get a table while Sean parks the car. When he finally makes it in to the restaurant, he has the nerve to ask me to switch seats. To make things better he realizes he lost his wallet as well and has to go look for it, in the car (clearly I have no intentions of paying). So after what seems to be half an hour he returns to pay the bill. (all the while i continue to text marieanne how annoyed i was). Apparently he had become a gentle man and now would like to warm up the car for me, which I adamantly state is ridiculous (its like 50 degrees). After some time, he returns to walk me out to the car, and a black stretch limo pulls up, where upon I rudely remark, “someone’s got a limo, and must be nice.” All of a sudden a little man hops out and says, “Hi, Ashley. My name is Eddie and I will be your driver tonight.” Needless to say I’m a bit confused. 1) How does he know my name, and 2) isn’t the car still running?... After slight hesitation I climb into the car, where I find a bouquet of sunflowers and roses, and the song “It’s our Anniversary” playing. Cue the tears… Sean then informs me that we are going to take a tour of the city, but I can’t seem to get past the fact that we are going south, and the city is north (did i mention i was a pain). I ask Sean to speak with Eddie to see if he was lost, but he said everything is cool. However, I’m still scared, because all I see is trees (i've seen enough horror movies to know what that means. here come the axe). …. So after what seems to be forever (and a lot more trees), I begin to see “bay area” signs. At this point it dawns on me that we are in Galveston. After a few minutes, we pull up at Kemah Boardwalk (my favorite place in Houston). Needless to say it was the most beautiful sight ever. The ocean, the Christmas lights, the freezing wind blowing…. As we walked on the boardwalk, Sean talked about the ocean, and how water was the one thing that was key to all life, just like our love. (Yes believe it or not, He is very romantic) We continue to walk, and Sean continues to talk, but I really can’t get passed how cold it is, so he will have to tell you what else he said. Eventually we made it to the end of the dock, and Sean was still standing behind me. He talked more (that part I will keep private), and then said “Well I guess there is only one thing left to do….” He gets down on one knee (cue tears again) and says, “Will you marry me?” I elegantly replied “what the F***K?” repeatedly, and then after more crying said, “YES!!!” It was the most perfect proposal ever!
here are a few pics! (since no one else was there, we were taking all the pics ourselves)

The Wedding

December 31, 2007, Old Red Court House Dallas, TX 7pm


Our wedding was amazing night ever. I was so nervous and shaky and i always remember sean's little cousin asking me if i was sure i wanted to marry her cousin. "you know it aint to late to change your mind!!!" lol!

i remember that it seemed forever for me to walk down the isle. That everyone just left me by myself! As i walked down the isle there were so many flashes and people in the way, but once i made it next to sean, and the minister began our vowes, it all became a dream! it seemed like we were in a fish bowl! i remember looking around and just thinking "is this real?"

well it was all very real, and beautiful. there were tons candles (not real ones , since it was a historical building) and rose petals every where. the lighting was very dim. you could see the city & christmas lights in the huge bay window behind us, and it was more romantic than i ever imagine! on that day i married my best friend. and no matter what journey life takes us through, our wedding was truly a fairytale


in just a little more than two years after that big day our daughter will be here! It's so hard to imagine that nearly 10 years after we met and became friends, that we would eventually become parents!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

22 WEEKS MY @$$!!!!!!

so Thursday i had my 23 week visit. 23 weeks and 4 days to be exact. Needless to say i was extremely nervous, since this was my first visit with a new Dr. (i have to meet all 4 dr's in the practice). I must admit i was very nervous about going to another dr. I've gone to Dr. Bankston since i was a teenager. She knows that i'm a serious worry wart and all of my history.

I told sean the night before that i was nervous, so he tried to help me think of all the questions I wanted to ask.

Well the minute i walked in things were a little strange. They asked me which Ashley Harris was I? Strange, that's never happened before! But... i guess ashley and harris are both common names.

The nurse shows me to my room. While Sean and I are talking and waiting, the nurse comments that i am 22 weeks along. Clearly this was a mistake, so i inform her that i was 23 weeks and 4 days, and due Jan 10th. to my surprise the nurse replies, "according to this, you are 22 weeks and due Jan 16th, but the baby will come when ever she's ready so it doesn't make much difference." Now maybe i'm a bit sensitive but i was annoyed. she leaves the room noting that the dr will be in shortly.

So sean and i are waiting and talking again. and the dr. soon arrived. I asked her about the due date and she informed me that she would investigate. well the dr asks do we have any questions or concerns and i mention that i have a cough at night. She informs me that it's acid reflux. I explain that i have asthma and allergies and feel like it's my allergies, to which she replies again, "it's acid reflux." Never once does she listen to my chest or check my sinuses. odd in my opinion.

"any other questions or concerns?" I mention to her that sometimes my stomach tightens/ hardens and it lasts for a few minutes. They happen at night, early morning or when i walk a long time. "Well it doesn't sound like round ligament pains, but lets go with that." I explain to her that i've had round ligament pains and that this feels different. "well if it happens regularly call dr. bankston."

at that moment i felt like some stranger that she was forced to see. I even told sean that i would not feel comfortable if they were my delivery doctor and nurse. Needless to say i will be calling Dr. Bankston Monday to ask a few questions ( i wont say why, but i will let her know that i feel more comfy asking her). And yes! if you're wondering, i did try to call on Friday... lol

Any way here is my most recent pic! "24 WEEKS"!!!!

pregnancy cartoon

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a little update

Ok so school is officially in full speed! (is it June yet??? Nuff said)
The funniest parts are all of my old students figuring out i'm preggo now!
They just keep looking like they want to ask but some are scared that maybe i ate a basketball over the summer... lol

Family. everyone is doing well and healthy. we have a dr's appt tomorrow and it's hard to imagine that we are 1/2 through our second trimester and that she will be here in 4 months.

pregnancy cartoon

So up until recently i think i've been a pretty sane preggo. but the emotions are full swing. i even cried along with one of my kids today because "six grade is soooo horrible and everyone is soooo mean." yes i was in tears with her in the hall. i remember middle school (actually 9th grade was my hell). but seeing her in tears broke my heart. normally crying kids dont phase me, but i've become even more sensitive (if that was even possible). And my students aren't the only one's getting a bucket full of emotions. The hubby is in for it too! Now granted he's trying to be a good expecting hubby. But apparently no one told him that some times i am just pissed or sad, and i really dont know why! but he is getting a crash course! that sometimes i need a little bit of extra attention and flattering, cause having everyone tell you how big you're getting can do some damage for one's self esteem. But when i get dressed in the morning, it helps to have someone tell you that you're beautiful each day!

on a side note my new guilty pleasure is GLEE!!! i'm obsessed! if you haven't seen it you gotta watch! here are a few little clips! if you dont find your self singing along you're crazy

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

shop til you drop!!!

ok so it's totally true!
Ok maybe i cant blame it on lani sinceshe isn't here yet!
maybe her mommy is just a bit of a shopaholic!
Ok a major shopaholic!
But i just cant help it.
I walk into the store and see all these cute little outfits
and can't help but imagine a little chubby baby in them.
I have a feeling i'm going to be in trouble!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Haynes Women!!!

My mother's side of the family are the Haynes'.
The women (mostly my mom's many sister (6 including her) and their daughters) try to get together at least once a month. Last week we hung out for a spaghetti dinner at my aunt Charlotte' house.
It was alot of fun and the first time i had attended in a few month's due to the pregnancy.
Here are a few pics!

pregnancy cartoon

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flying Balls!!!!

ok guys get your minds out of the gutter!!! lol
but seriously, the balls were flying this morning.
it seems our yard man ran over a golf ball, which flew into our glass patio door
shattering it into a million pieces :(

well sean was on the ball and able to get some one out there immediately to fix the door
(mind you the door wasn't fixed immediately since they brought the wrong type of glass, but they were out there immediately)

so after a few hours of waiting and a wonder $300 bill we have 1 new glass door.
the only problem is that we have 2 glass doors, and it has become amazingly clear (no pun intended) that we need to clean our windows out side ... take a look for your selves!

School's Back FOREVER!!!!!

omg!!! school is back in and it already seems like the longest 2 weeks of my life!
I am steadily counting down to the next holiday!!!
lucky for me Labor Day is Monday!!!

this week has definitely been a trying week for my family as well
my brother went through surgery for cancer (lymphoma) in 3 places.
we have been so blessed to find out today that they were able to remove everything and that he is cancer free! woooooooooo hooooooooo. the remaining portion is simply an infection (i presume something that was left over from his 2 month stay in the Philippines.)
Needless to say no more international travel for us (well at least outside of the western hemisphere).

Sean's family has also had major blessings. His grandfather who recently had a stroke, and was literally on his death bed, is awake and responsive and progressing tremendously.

God has truly had us in the palm of his hands these past few weeks. all we can do is continue to pray and be thankful for his many blessings. Sean and I always talk about God's plan, we may not understand it, and things may not be when we want them, but they are truly right on time!


things are going great with the baby!
Little Langston is wiggling and kicking all over the place.
sometimes, I feel like there is a party going on in there!

we have finally cleaned out her room :)
ok... so my mom finally cleaned out her room, but i helped as much as i could.
she also painted her bed, so i cant wait to put it together!
every night i've been working one some type of decoration for her room!
this week's project is decoupaging (sp??) the letters in her name for her wall.
they are zebra and turquoise! Diva Style already!
as soon as it looks more complete i will be posting pics

pregnancy cartoon

wedding video