Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flashback throught the years!!!!

As i was thinking i realized many of you don't now much about our "history"!!!


We met our Freshman year at SFA, in August of 2000. Now according to various sources, there are many ways in which Sean and I met. So as soon as we get an official story I'll let you know. I do however remember that he stole my cheesecake. The odd thing is that neither of us were supposed to go to SFA. I went because all my friends were going there, and sean went because his cousins were there. We were both dating other people in the beginning but quickly became "bestfriends." I say bestfriends with a giggle, because it was always obvious we had feeling for each other. We officially became a couple midnight New Years Eve 2001, after months of round about, on and off dating!


... once upon a time... in the far off land of Pearland, Texas.... Just kidding Actually I thought Sean would propose New Years Eve, since that is our anniversary, so when midnight had come and gone, I was just a "tad bit" upset. (hehehe. marieanne may tell you diffrent!) The next morning I woke up in a "not so pleasant" mood and crying my eyes out. Being the wonderful man that he is, Sean tells me to “stop crying!!!” and to hang around the house all day for the cable man. Around 3 pm the cable man had not arrived and needless to say I’m a bit agitated. I call Sean t let him know that he needs to take care of this, because I would like to go shopping. (After all, it is New Years day). So he tells me that the cable guy is no longer coming, but he would like to go to dinner for our anniversary. After a short discussion or lecture on our anniversary date, I agree to go to dinner (Red Lobster) “at 6pm exactly”. I get dressed up, per request oof sean, only to find out that he is wearing jean. Then to also find out that he didn’t even make a reservation. So now I’m angry!!! As we arrive at the restaurants, which must be at least 45 minutes away. I go in to get a table while Sean parks the car. When he finally makes it in to the restaurant, he has the nerve to ask me to switch seats. To make things better he realizes he lost his wallet as well and has to go look for it, in the car (clearly I have no intentions of paying). So after what seems to be half an hour he returns to pay the bill. (all the while i continue to text marieanne how annoyed i was). Apparently he had become a gentle man and now would like to warm up the car for me, which I adamantly state is ridiculous (its like 50 degrees). After some time, he returns to walk me out to the car, and a black stretch limo pulls up, where upon I rudely remark, “someone’s got a limo, and must be nice.” All of a sudden a little man hops out and says, “Hi, Ashley. My name is Eddie and I will be your driver tonight.” Needless to say I’m a bit confused. 1) How does he know my name, and 2) isn’t the car still running?... After slight hesitation I climb into the car, where I find a bouquet of sunflowers and roses, and the song “It’s our Anniversary” playing. Cue the tears… Sean then informs me that we are going to take a tour of the city, but I can’t seem to get past the fact that we are going south, and the city is north (did i mention i was a pain). I ask Sean to speak with Eddie to see if he was lost, but he said everything is cool. However, I’m still scared, because all I see is trees (i've seen enough horror movies to know what that means. here come the axe). …. So after what seems to be forever (and a lot more trees), I begin to see “bay area” signs. At this point it dawns on me that we are in Galveston. After a few minutes, we pull up at Kemah Boardwalk (my favorite place in Houston). Needless to say it was the most beautiful sight ever. The ocean, the Christmas lights, the freezing wind blowing…. As we walked on the boardwalk, Sean talked about the ocean, and how water was the one thing that was key to all life, just like our love. (Yes believe it or not, He is very romantic) We continue to walk, and Sean continues to talk, but I really can’t get passed how cold it is, so he will have to tell you what else he said. Eventually we made it to the end of the dock, and Sean was still standing behind me. He talked more (that part I will keep private), and then said “Well I guess there is only one thing left to do….” He gets down on one knee (cue tears again) and says, “Will you marry me?” I elegantly replied “what the F***K?” repeatedly, and then after more crying said, “YES!!!” It was the most perfect proposal ever!
here are a few pics! (since no one else was there, we were taking all the pics ourselves)

The Wedding

December 31, 2007, Old Red Court House Dallas, TX 7pm


Our wedding was amazing night ever. I was so nervous and shaky and i always remember sean's little cousin asking me if i was sure i wanted to marry her cousin. "you know it aint to late to change your mind!!!" lol!

i remember that it seemed forever for me to walk down the isle. That everyone just left me by myself! As i walked down the isle there were so many flashes and people in the way, but once i made it next to sean, and the minister began our vowes, it all became a dream! it seemed like we were in a fish bowl! i remember looking around and just thinking "is this real?"

well it was all very real, and beautiful. there were tons candles (not real ones , since it was a historical building) and rose petals every where. the lighting was very dim. you could see the city & christmas lights in the huge bay window behind us, and it was more romantic than i ever imagine! on that day i married my best friend. and no matter what journey life takes us through, our wedding was truly a fairytale


in just a little more than two years after that big day our daughter will be here! It's so hard to imagine that nearly 10 years after we met and became friends, that we would eventually become parents!

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  1. how sweet. same ol' ash:) you and SH are awesome (i remember the sfa days days --which i went because you and katrina were going and then a lil after Day sent her application...--with the both of yall lol) and i know yall will be great parents. its about 10:28pm...a few hours from being Lani's bday and I'm so excited for you two. Birth (after the whole process) is such a special moment. Wish yall the best and know that Chris and I are here for yall if you need us. love you! Umoh C.


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