Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School's Back FOREVER!!!!!

omg!!! school is back in and it already seems like the longest 2 weeks of my life!
I am steadily counting down to the next holiday!!!
lucky for me Labor Day is Monday!!!

this week has definitely been a trying week for my family as well
my brother went through surgery for cancer (lymphoma) in 3 places.
we have been so blessed to find out today that they were able to remove everything and that he is cancer free! woooooooooo hooooooooo. the remaining portion is simply an infection (i presume something that was left over from his 2 month stay in the Philippines.)
Needless to say no more international travel for us (well at least outside of the western hemisphere).

Sean's family has also had major blessings. His grandfather who recently had a stroke, and was literally on his death bed, is awake and responsive and progressing tremendously.

God has truly had us in the palm of his hands these past few weeks. all we can do is continue to pray and be thankful for his many blessings. Sean and I always talk about God's plan, we may not understand it, and things may not be when we want them, but they are truly right on time!


things are going great with the baby!
Little Langston is wiggling and kicking all over the place.
sometimes, I feel like there is a party going on in there!

we have finally cleaned out her room :)
ok... so my mom finally cleaned out her room, but i helped as much as i could.
she also painted her bed, so i cant wait to put it together!
every night i've been working one some type of decoration for her room!
this week's project is decoupaging (sp??) the letters in her name for her wall.
they are zebra and turquoise! Diva Style already!
as soon as it looks more complete i will be posting pics

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