Monday, September 28, 2009

The joys and struggles!!!

some days are truly easier than others. i never realized how difficult pregnancy could be! last night i was lucky to experience a random case of the stomach flu. now normally when you have a stomach bug the dr tells you to stay home, get rest stay on fluids! But since i'm preggo i got to spend 4 hours in the hospital hooked up to monitors, and given lots of fluids to drink (no iv yeah). Although i began to feel better, despite being tired, it was truly frightening. Not only was i bit worried that i was sent to labor and delivery and not just a normal room, but the fact that i had to sign all of these in case of emergency papers, for Lani and I (sean was at work so it was scary making some of these decisions by myself). As long as my baby was taken care of i was ok. SO FYI, my choice is to choose her! if it comes between the 2 of us! choose her!!!!

At home you are not aware of how your babies heart rate can fluctuate. but i quickly realized that certain positions caused Lani's heart rate to go down drastically. anytime the beeping or numbers changed i started to stress out! however it was comforting to hear that our little girl is strong and healthy! but the nurse did tell me that i need to be more diligent about taking my prenatal vitamins!. so around 11 pm i was able to go home. told to stay off heavy foods for a while and stick to liquids! hopefully we wont be going back until she is due!!!

pregnancy cartoon

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