Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy few weeks

So its been super busy around here the past few weeks! Check out our latest blogs for an update....

And of course much more coming soon with the holidays beginning

10 Year Reunion

So it's official! IM OLD! 

It was my 10 year high school reunion.  It was nice to see a lot of old friends and catch up.


 Jamie still getting down! Some things never change!

 Prom King and Queen

 Athletic girls

 Westwood Junior High Group

Hadn't seen Miss Jamie in years!

 My divas! Who would have thought we would have been friends all these years! Love these ladies!

Little Steven Fryer

Sean looking crazy

It wouldnt be a party with out Esther acting goofy!

Umoh finally made it
... I Felt like my name was "where's umoh" that night!

"Back that Thang up" came on!

Elizabeth still making the same goofy face!

Everyone singing wanna be a balla!

 Everyone hitting the dance floor

our section of the class pic

 if you look closely we are standing in the same order

Doodlebug Halloween Carnival

Lani's school Hosted a Halloween carnival, so it was a great chance for our "Doodlebug" playgroup to get together!

Here is my little love bug in her adorable costume on the way to the carnival!
Have you ever seen a cuter love bug????? i know i know!!! 

 Miss Addy G and her mom Kat from Keeping up with Addison, joined our doodle bug group and had a great time too.

wedding video