Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nine Months!!!!

So Lani is officially 9 months old.... Funny how this strand of 9 months seems so much shorter than the 9 months i was preggo! So what is Miss Langston up to...

Well she has an upper respiratory infection... AGAIN! The doctor said it seemed like she was starting to get another ear infection but we caught it early... Thank Goodness!

She currently ways 15lbs 3oz and 25 in
She has become a bit of a fighter and throws tantrums.  full on falling out at times
Constantly pulls peoples hair, especially mommy and nini's
She can stand on her own for about 30 secs or so and is trying to take steps.
We officially own big girl shoes now.
She eats more table food now, and looooooves chicken.
She is alot more verbal and babbles alot
She sings along to the radio and bounces when you say "go baby go"
She is definitely a mommy's girl but brightens up the room when she sees her daddy
She is suddenly aware of stranger danger and freaks out when new people want to hold or touch her
She is also scared to death of old people.  She practically climbs out of the grocery cart when she sees them
She's a crawling machine
She loves other babys and little kids and will do anything in her power to get to them
She is obsessed with cell phones and has a tantrum when you wont give it to her
She has 2 teeth, but is constantly drooling so i'm assuming more are coming soon
She can waive bye bye

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