Sunday, February 27, 2011


I absolutely love this little girl!!!! 

i love the way she dances the moment she hears music!
the way she spins around in circles the moment the backyardigans theme song plays!
The way she brings me food from her kitchen and makes the smacking noise so i will eat it!
Looks at me babbling as if i should understand!
The way she hands you something then snatches it back!
The way she says "pease" and "tank cu" when she wants something!
Screaming "ASH" when i leave the room!
says "boo" whenever i ask where's lani
Dear Lani~ 
The moment i heard this song i thought of you.
11 or 12 years from now you will begin a stage in life where you will constantly question yourself.
are you pretty enough? smart enough? good enough?
Please know that you are absolutely perfect to me!
love mommy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

13 months... better late than never

I cant believe that this time last year my baby was only a month old!!!

Now she is walking and sorta running.

Talking up a storm and saying things like:
-Uh -Oh
- Doggie
-Papi/Papa (both are for my dad)
-Abi Abi Abi (not sure what that means but she says it all the time)
-Shishies (fishies)
-Dis (this)
-NO NO NO (while shaking her head)
-Top (stop)
-Choose (juice)

-She had her first classroom party for Valentines day.  We took cupcakes and handed out valentines
-She is newly obsessed with taking stuff out of the cabinets, particularly the colander
-Actually uses the sippy cup
-Loves to eat chicken, french fries, fruit, veggies, salad, gold fish (shishies),
-Takes Singulair for her asthma now along with a higher dosage of zyrtec
-still drinks 8 ozs in the morning and before bed

ABC's of Ashley

A - Age: 28

B - Bed size: King

C - Chore you hate: Putting Away The Dishes

D - Dog's name: Batch and Bailey

E - Essential start your day item: LONG SHOWER

F - Favorite color(s):Blue

G - Gold or Silver:White Gold

H - Height: 5'

I - Instruments you (try to) play: None! I accept my shortcomings

J - Job title: 6th Grade Science

K - Kids: 1~ Langston

L - Living arrangements: My House (such an odd question)

M - Mom's name: Renita

N - Nicknames:Ash, Splash, AC, Tats

O - Overnight hospital stay other than your birth: Lani's birth

P - Pet Peeve: popping gum... uggggggggggggggh

Q - Quote from a movie: "its a dinglehopper!" actually used this segment of little mermaid in my lesson today

R- Right or left handed: Right

S - Secret crush: Channing Tatum.... ummm ummm ummmm

T - Time you wake up: alarm goes off at 5:30 but i get up around 5:45

U - Underwear: what about them???

V - Vegetable you dislike:cant think of one at the moment

W - Workout style: variety... i get bored easily

Z - Zoo animal: i love the monkeys 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Laughter is timeless Imagination has no age Dreams are forever" — Tinkerbell

As many of you know, I love a great party (Especially a theme party)... And our little girl's first birthday party was no different.  So it probably wont surprise you that i started planning it in August....

At first i was super stressed... what do you do for a 1 year old... what kind of favors do you give out.... and lets not forget the last minute news that she would be having surgery the day before.... 

Can we say stressed... I seriously felt like it was my wedding day all over. 
Yes i know that sounds a bit psychotic, but its true...

Lucky for me, my awesome cousin Natasha at Visible Dream Events, came to the rescue.  And after a few emails and throwing around ideas, we came up with a play on Peter Pan.  I wanted to have a fairy party that didn't leave out the boys, so we had a pirates and fairy party.

We were able to get adorable pirate and fairy costumes for the kids at a reasonable price.

 Well hey why stop there... my husband was inspired to make this the best 1st birthday anyone had ever been to, so he had a couple of surprises up his sleeve....

YEP!!!! A petting zoo, and a balloon lady!!!! I'm pretty sure the kids were in heaven.

Nini and Papa also hooked Lani up with an awesome cake from Mary Alexander Cakes...

Mary even made it so the top could come off, so Lani could have her own little red velvet cake!

 And judging by the pics, i think she loved it!

And lucky for us, one of Lani's godfathers and our best friend, are photographers, and got some great pics for us.  You may remember the 8 month shoot Amir did for us too. You should check out their work. 

Guess Who's One?!?!?!? (a few weeks late)

Lani's bday began around 1 am. She happened to wake up laughing and talking by chance so we had an impromptu sing song, and watched an episode of her favorite tv show 

the backyardigans!!!!

 after a little singing and dancing we all went back to bed. Later that morning Lani went to school for an awesome fruit party with her friends at daycare.  i thought about cupcakes but 8 babies hyped up on sugar.... probably not a good idea!!!

That afternoon, we arrived home to the cutest flowers from our east coast fam....

Lani was in-love with the teddy and carried him around the rest of the night. In fact we even took him with us to surgery the next day.

After hanging around the house for a bit, we headed to Sams to finish grocery shopping for the party... Lets just say between my mom, dad, and Sean, I'm pretty sure we purchased the entire store. 

There was food for days.....


So whats new...
~Says kicken (chicken)
~drinking whole milk
~dances all the time
~throwing more fits
~6 teeth
~9-12 month clothes
~uses an inhailer
~allergic to dogs, outdoor allergies, blueberries, and orange juice
~got tubes
~eats mostly table food, but still has a milk bottle before bed
~snaps her fingers
~loves playing in her kitchen
~pushes her baby all over the place
~falls out on the floor when she has a fit
~has favorite songs on the radio

wedding video