Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Laughter is timeless Imagination has no age Dreams are forever" — Tinkerbell

As many of you know, I love a great party (Especially a theme party)... And our little girl's first birthday party was no different.  So it probably wont surprise you that i started planning it in August....

At first i was super stressed... what do you do for a 1 year old... what kind of favors do you give out.... and lets not forget the last minute news that she would be having surgery the day before.... 

Can we say stressed... I seriously felt like it was my wedding day all over. 
Yes i know that sounds a bit psychotic, but its true...

Lucky for me, my awesome cousin Natasha at Visible Dream Events, came to the rescue.  And after a few emails and throwing around ideas, we came up with a play on Peter Pan.  I wanted to have a fairy party that didn't leave out the boys, so we had a pirates and fairy party.

We were able to get adorable pirate and fairy costumes for the kids at a reasonable price.

 Well hey why stop there... my husband was inspired to make this the best 1st birthday anyone had ever been to, so he had a couple of surprises up his sleeve....

YEP!!!! A petting zoo, and a balloon lady!!!! I'm pretty sure the kids were in heaven.

Nini and Papa also hooked Lani up with an awesome cake from Mary Alexander Cakes...

Mary even made it so the top could come off, so Lani could have her own little red velvet cake!

 And judging by the pics, i think she loved it!

And lucky for us, one of Lani's godfathers and our best friend, are photographers, and got some great pics for us.  You may remember the 8 month shoot Amir did for us too. You should check out their work. 

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