Thursday, February 24, 2011

13 months... better late than never

I cant believe that this time last year my baby was only a month old!!!

Now she is walking and sorta running.

Talking up a storm and saying things like:
-Uh -Oh
- Doggie
-Papi/Papa (both are for my dad)
-Abi Abi Abi (not sure what that means but she says it all the time)
-Shishies (fishies)
-Dis (this)
-NO NO NO (while shaking her head)
-Top (stop)
-Choose (juice)

-She had her first classroom party for Valentines day.  We took cupcakes and handed out valentines
-She is newly obsessed with taking stuff out of the cabinets, particularly the colander
-Actually uses the sippy cup
-Loves to eat chicken, french fries, fruit, veggies, salad, gold fish (shishies),
-Takes Singulair for her asthma now along with a higher dosage of zyrtec
-still drinks 8 ozs in the morning and before bed

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