Sunday, February 27, 2011


I absolutely love this little girl!!!! 

i love the way she dances the moment she hears music!
the way she spins around in circles the moment the backyardigans theme song plays!
The way she brings me food from her kitchen and makes the smacking noise so i will eat it!
Looks at me babbling as if i should understand!
The way she hands you something then snatches it back!
The way she says "pease" and "tank cu" when she wants something!
Screaming "ASH" when i leave the room!
says "boo" whenever i ask where's lani
Dear Lani~ 
The moment i heard this song i thought of you.
11 or 12 years from now you will begin a stage in life where you will constantly question yourself.
are you pretty enough? smart enough? good enough?
Please know that you are absolutely perfect to me!
love mommy

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