Saturday, February 20, 2010


Seeing how this month has gone by so fast we really wanted to get some pictures of Miss Langston while she still had that "newborn" look.  she has already changed so much and i cant imagine how much she will grown and change over time.  We decided to commemorate her first month with a little photo shoot, and of course the dancer in me couldn't wait to dress her up in a tutu!!! the photographer said she reminded her of an anne geddes picture.  so here are pics of our little princess.  hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Langston's First Month

Ok so my little baby turned one month old on Saturday and I cant believe she is a month old.  I know it sounds cliche but i cant imagine my life without her now.

- she is currently 7lbs on the dot and 18 in (dr thinks her last weigh in was wrong and she was 5 lbs 13 oz like i said)
- she had her 2nd hepatitis shot and was a total champ. the minute i picked her up she stopped crying (but im not looking forward to next month's visit and her having to get 5 shots :( poor thing )
- eats 3 oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs
- she loves her baby gym

- she will stay in her swing for about 20 min before hollering... lol

- She coos now (sean call them koala sounds)
- she can roll 1/2 way over (the dr was so surprised)
- she can track people and turns her head to follow you
- she is currently having a little baby acne, but A&D ointment mixed with her lotion has really helped with that!
- she cracks up when you talk to her

- always has her little lips puckered
- sleeps with eyes open
- still prefers to be swaddled or held tight when she's going to sleep
- will inch her way up your chest so she can nuzzle under your neck
- she had her first valentines day and snow storm

- she loves to nap with mommy and daddy

- and she's absolutely perfect to us!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Like my play on words!?!?
Well i'm not sure of other preggo people but I related/tracked my pregnancy along with a few celebrities.  I felt like we were "Kindred" spirits.  Mostly I kept up with Kendra Wilkerson-Basset (girls next door fame) and Kourtney Kardashian (from keeping up with the kardashians; our blog's namesake). 


Seriously! i measured and compared my progress along with theirs and really just felt like we were experiencing our pregnancies together (granted they didn't know that we were in it together, but we were). 
I cant wait for the Kourtney's delivery episode this season, and I absolutely balled through the "Kendra" delivery special on E! especially when her grandma showed up. one of the hardest parts of my pregnancy was knowing that my grandma ouida would never meet Langston.  (side note: Some how i think they may have hung out in heaven, and a little ouida rubbed off on her.  she will make an expression or smile and i see my grandma in her face.)

One person i never thought i would relate to, was Michelle Duggar.  No we aren't planning on becoming the Harris 19 and counting, but after watching her delivery on tlc, i was in complete tears.


while Lani wasn't premature, i understood the fears of preclampsia and wondering if you and your baby could survive an emergency c-section.  if you haven't seen the delivery special i suggest you watch (unless you are currently pregnant, it may be to scary )...


Please note i only compare our pregnancy and baby progress.  the post pregnancy and weight loss comparisons will not be done.  i mean after all, we really dont know each other. But as Wendy Willliams would put it we are BFF's in my head!

Monday, February 8, 2010

dressed up and Finally some where to go!!! (sorta)

this past weekend was my grandfather's birthday and this week is the 11 year anniversary of his death. my moms family alway tries to use the weekend in between to celebrate my grandpa's life and get together.
my mom was so excited because Langston finally had a reason to get dressed up an wear the outfit she bought her.  lol.  now if any of you have ever been to the restaurant " Babe's " you will know that my baby is completely over dressed! If you havent been t Babe's then just know that its the joe's crab shack of chicken.  (singing and dancing included! great food)

Friday, February 5, 2010


So this actually wasn't Lani's first time IN the tub, but once again we forgot to grab the camera the first time.  She actually has a big blue baby tub, but she is still too small to fit in it.  However, she seem to like the little pink tub from the hospital! When ever we bathe her in the tub she looks like she is in heaven. I like to think of it as her little jacuzzi.


 Sean makes that same mean face!!! lol!

Meet the cousins!!!

As many of you know, we have a huge family (my mom is one f 15 kids... seriously.... I'm one of 4 and sean is one of 3). So when i say huge I mean HUGE!!! Over the past 2 weeks Langston has had the chance to meet some of her cousins.  And while she didn't seem to phased one way or the other, they were very excited to meet her!!!

Here is Lani and her "Nani Nikki"  (aunt)

of course the DIVA's count as family too!!!

the boys!!

Langston meeting Macy

Our nieces holding and feeding her

  my sister and niece. 
Roni was so excited to finally meet her new cousin after 3 weeks since she had been sick


Now if she could just remember to keep holding on to her :S

 These are my favorites! this is lani meeting Jayden.  They are a month apart but he makes her look like a midget.  The funny think is that he was just as small as her when he was born. I have a feeling they are going to be very close

Lani totally slept through the entire meeting.  poor Jayden was just pissed off... lol



ok so this one was just funny. lmao!
It makes me think of "where's waldo"

(to our defense, it was 20 degrees outside)

wedding video