Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Langston's First Month

Ok so my little baby turned one month old on Saturday and I cant believe she is a month old.  I know it sounds cliche but i cant imagine my life without her now.

- she is currently 7lbs on the dot and 18 in (dr thinks her last weigh in was wrong and she was 5 lbs 13 oz like i said)
- she had her 2nd hepatitis shot and was a total champ. the minute i picked her up she stopped crying (but im not looking forward to next month's visit and her having to get 5 shots :( poor thing )
- eats 3 oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs
- she loves her baby gym

- she will stay in her swing for about 20 min before hollering... lol

- She coos now (sean call them koala sounds)
- she can roll 1/2 way over (the dr was so surprised)
- she can track people and turns her head to follow you
- she is currently having a little baby acne, but A&D ointment mixed with her lotion has really helped with that!
- she cracks up when you talk to her

- always has her little lips puckered
- sleeps with eyes open
- still prefers to be swaddled or held tight when she's going to sleep
- will inch her way up your chest so she can nuzzle under your neck
- she had her first valentines day and snow storm

- she loves to nap with mommy and daddy

- and she's absolutely perfect to us!


  1. What a precious baby girl!!! So fun to read about your family!!!

  2. ashley she is starting to look like you....in those first couple of pics that is your wide eyed stare!!!! lil lani is a lil ashley clone. :D how cute....love ya...Ummmz

  3. Happy 1 month birthday Langston!!! She is getting so big and is so precious, I love her big beautiful eyes!


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