Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

So. i started reading "last lecture", which is the last thoughts of Randy Pausch as he finds out he has only months to live at such a young age. I actually heard about this book during inservice and began crying listening to his ctual last lecture (which is not the book revolves around). It got me to thinking... if we all knew that we had 3 months to live would we all have the same spirit as we entered our last days? Would we still view life and in such an optimisic life. I cant say that i would. But i found his last lecture so touching that i immediately purchased the book. Now I'm not a member of Oprah's book club, but i do read from time to time and i think if you watched his last lecture you may be motivated to check this book out too. So here is the link to his last lecture ( i hope that it inspires or touches some of you the way it touched me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

wedding pics

many of you werent able to share in our big day, so here ya go!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Back!!! new hair!!!! dog gas!!!! the hills

Well... today was the first day back at work, and i am so tired!!! it's so hard working all day and waking up early when i've gotten used to sleeping in and napping every day... uggggggggggggggh... i will say i love the way my new classroom is looking, but i am nervous about teaching new material

on another note, i did change my hair again. lately i'v been going through a phase of trying new things, which isn't typical for me. Like i've had the same 4 hair styles my whole life... Now granted it isn't dramaticly diffrent, but i do have bangs and highlights. (thanks to my fabulous cousin toni, who i'm sure is checking randomly to see if i gave her credit)

Another new story... my dog is having some hideous gas lately..... like i've been sniffing around for poop, and really its just her any suggestions, cuz i'm about to purchase a gas mask. Someone told me to try this organic dog foos, but when you have 3 dogs and need the 50lb bag every few weeks, $60 is alot to spend on dog food. I wonder if there is like a beano for dogs or something, cuz this is a mess!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Forgetting My Name

Ok this probably sounds absolutely nuts, but i have a tendency to misspell my last
After i got married, i didn't legally change my name, because it was hard to go to the Social Security Office while school is in. So now that my name is officially changed, i tend to misspell it. sometimes its "harriss" or "hariss". i wonder why i have such an issue spelling "HARRIS" correctly. i mean its so much shorter than my old last name; its a pretty common last name!!!! i just dont get it!?!?!?!

Monday, August 11, 2008


so i've been practing my photography. i thought i'd share...

School StartsWay too Soon

OMG... I cant believe i start workshops next week, much less begin teaching the week after. I guess it could be worse, i could have started already!!! I will say that i've had an amzing summer hanging out with friends, traveling, and just enjoying life.... I started to think how most people dont get a 3 month vacation, and i couldn't imagine working all year round. Maybe i'm a bit spoiled ... I mean kona grill on thursday..... luna de noche on fridays.... movie nights on tuesdays.... now i'm actually gonna have to work.... arrrrrrrrrrrrg

Harris Family Theater!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!! Sean and Iworked really hard to decorate our new movie room!!!!

Well i dont know if new is really the right term, seeing as we began building and remodling it a year ago. But this week we decided to buckle down and getter done!!!

I think we were most proud of ourselves for carpeting the stadium seating lift ourselves. it was a lot of work, but definately fun to do as a couple.

Our next venture is stocking the bar :P

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome to My World

ok so things in ashley world may not be what everyone aspects. there are good times, bad time, and every other time. I have had the pleasure of growing up in a privledged life. So now that i'm an adult and doing big girl things, it takes some adjustments. for instance, I'm having to learn that bank accounts have limits and there are limits to shopping.

I must say that having a husband has definately taught me some limits. The beauty of having sean around is that he balances me out. he reminds me that there are limits to life and to everything else. he also takes care of me when i do cross, smash and demolish those limts. I must say that i have learned so much in the last 8 months of being married. I have learned that not only do bank accounts have limits, but so do people. Living in such a close proximity to someone else you learn them very quickly. i mean i've had roommates, but its very diffrent having a "room"mate. but i wouldn't give it up for a day!!!

wedding video