Sunday, August 23, 2009

20 weeks!!!

Wow so today is a land mark day, in our baby journey!
Today is officially the 1/2 mark of our pregnancy.
It honestly seems like i've been preggo forever, but i think knowing the sex will make things go quicker.
We can actually start looking for stuff and buying "GIRLY" stuff!
(woo hoo for girls)
But honestly we are so excited.

So whats next on our little journey...
1. paint lani's bed
2. purchase her bedding (we are doing zebra & turquoise)
3. finish registering
4. look for a pediatrician
5. start prenatal classes

We have tons of little things to do, but i know it will all be worth it once little Lani is here.

We have been blessed to have amazing family and friends who have given us tons of goodies alreay. I can truly say we have been blessed!

til next time :)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank Heaven For Little Girls!!!

So it's official!
Miss Langston Nicole will be coming to dinner this January!
We are so excited and surprised.
We are so excited and feel like we can finally get things really moving.
I even found this website that I can make custom bedding!
Stay tuned for pictures!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pinch me if i'm dreaming?!?!?!!?!?

Well i've had my fair share of strange baby dreams...
Dreams of an alien baby!
Steamy dreams of some mystery man (we'll call him sean :P, but i never see the face)
Nightmares galore!
A few dreams of my grandma ouida: possibly because i was sad that she would never get to meet any of our babies. i think my nieces and nephew's have been so lucky to have a great grandma
But the latest dream, and by far the strangest, happened yesterday.
I dreamed that i felt the baby move and i looked down to touch my belly and there were at least 20 little babies trying to claw their way out of my stomach.
(Creepy i know)
In fact i even remember pinching my self but i could not wake up.
Eventually i woke up, in a cold sweat and feeling like i was about to hyperventilate.
My gosh, if this is just the beginning i'm scared to see what dreams may come!
(side note: according to The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, we always have crazy dreams. But when your pregnant we wake up during these dreams for our many potty breaks and interrupt the dreams. Since we wake up in the middle of dreaming we then remember it.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

5 months to go!

It's so hard to imagine that our little bundle will be here 5 months (give or take a few) from today. We find out in exactly 10 days what we are having, and i'm loosing my mind in anticipation. Our little bundle has 2 cousins due with in 1 month of ours, and so far we have one confirmed boy! 2 more surprises to go! But trust me, as soon as we find out, everyone will know!
I'm a bit sad that my parents will be in panama when we find out, but excited cause our baby can get it's 1st piece of "panamanian jewelry!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that we had testing run on Monday. We got the call on Thursday that everything was great and the baby was on target. Needless to say we were super nervous. The 1st round of testing we found out I as RH- (meaning there is a possibility that the baby and I have different blood, and that my body could produce antibodies). I was super upset, but my doctor explained that it's pretty common, and that i could just take some extra meds later in the pregnancy to avoid any problems!

So... back to my original point... we were very blessed to find out that there were no more foreseeable challenges, and that our little miracle is simply perfect! We are so thankful and blessed.

On a side note i found out another one of my girlfriends is pregnant. She is 19 weeks!!!! so it looks like our baby will have plenty of play mates!

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