Saturday, August 1, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that we had testing run on Monday. We got the call on Thursday that everything was great and the baby was on target. Needless to say we were super nervous. The 1st round of testing we found out I as RH- (meaning there is a possibility that the baby and I have different blood, and that my body could produce antibodies). I was super upset, but my doctor explained that it's pretty common, and that i could just take some extra meds later in the pregnancy to avoid any problems!

So... back to my original point... we were very blessed to find out that there were no more foreseeable challenges, and that our little miracle is simply perfect! We are so thankful and blessed.

On a side note i found out another one of my girlfriends is pregnant. She is 19 weeks!!!! so it looks like our baby will have plenty of play mates!

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  1. Yes, RH is pretty common...but in the end everything will be ok. The only thing I have to worry about with Kaleb is that he has a trait of sickle cell...he doesn't have sickle cell but my blood & his dad's blood didn't combine correctly. So he just has to watch out for the female that may hold the same trait, so their kids won't come out with sickle just make sure they test your daughter/son for it once they are born. Hope all is well, let me know once you find out if it's a boy/girl!


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