Sunday, August 23, 2009

20 weeks!!!

Wow so today is a land mark day, in our baby journey!
Today is officially the 1/2 mark of our pregnancy.
It honestly seems like i've been preggo forever, but i think knowing the sex will make things go quicker.
We can actually start looking for stuff and buying "GIRLY" stuff!
(woo hoo for girls)
But honestly we are so excited.

So whats next on our little journey...
1. paint lani's bed
2. purchase her bedding (we are doing zebra & turquoise)
3. finish registering
4. look for a pediatrician
5. start prenatal classes

We have tons of little things to do, but i know it will all be worth it once little Lani is here.

We have been blessed to have amazing family and friends who have given us tons of goodies alreay. I can truly say we have been blessed!

til next time :)

pregnancy cartoon

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  1. Yah!!! Your half way there, I remember this feeling because you feel like you have been pregnant for-ever!


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