Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

So. i started reading "last lecture", which is the last thoughts of Randy Pausch as he finds out he has only months to live at such a young age. I actually heard about this book during inservice and began crying listening to his ctual last lecture (which is not the book revolves around). It got me to thinking... if we all knew that we had 3 months to live would we all have the same spirit as we entered our last days? Would we still view life and in such an optimisic life. I cant say that i would. But i found his last lecture so touching that i immediately purchased the book. Now I'm not a member of Oprah's book club, but i do read from time to time and i think if you watched his last lecture you may be motivated to check this book out too. So here is the link to his last lecture ( i hope that it inspires or touches some of you the way it touched me.

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