Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Back!!! new hair!!!! dog gas!!!! the hills

Well... today was the first day back at work, and i am so tired!!! it's so hard working all day and waking up early when i've gotten used to sleeping in and napping every day... uggggggggggggggh... i will say i love the way my new classroom is looking, but i am nervous about teaching new material

on another note, i did change my hair again. lately i'v been going through a phase of trying new things, which isn't typical for me. Like i've had the same 4 hair styles my whole life... Now granted it isn't dramaticly diffrent, but i do have bangs and highlights. (thanks to my fabulous cousin toni, who i'm sure is checking randomly to see if i gave her credit)

Another new story... my dog is having some hideous gas lately..... like i've been sniffing around for poop, and really its just her any suggestions, cuz i'm about to purchase a gas mask. Someone told me to try this organic dog foos, but when you have 3 dogs and need the 50lb bag every few weeks, $60 is alot to spend on dog food. I wonder if there is like a beano for dogs or something, cuz this is a mess!!!


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