Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet the cousins!!!

As many of you know, we have a huge family (my mom is one f 15 kids... seriously.... I'm one of 4 and sean is one of 3). So when i say huge I mean HUGE!!! Over the past 2 weeks Langston has had the chance to meet some of her cousins.  And while she didn't seem to phased one way or the other, they were very excited to meet her!!!

Here is Lani and her "Nani Nikki"  (aunt)

of course the DIVA's count as family too!!!

the boys!!

Langston meeting Macy

Our nieces holding and feeding her

  my sister and niece. 
Roni was so excited to finally meet her new cousin after 3 weeks since she had been sick


Now if she could just remember to keep holding on to her :S

 These are my favorites! this is lani meeting Jayden.  They are a month apart but he makes her look like a midget.  The funny think is that he was just as small as her when he was born. I have a feeling they are going to be very close

Lani totally slept through the entire meeting.  poor Jayden was just pissed off... lol



ok so this one was just funny. lmao!
It makes me think of "where's waldo"

(to our defense, it was 20 degrees outside)

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  1. I absolutely loveeee the last picture. lmbo. Lani looks buried alive but trying to peak through for help. aww poor baby. And I knowww her arms are not stuck straight out like that like a startled star fish lol. too cute. she does look warm though (I am currently freezing at work and would love to be this warm)....such a good mommy :)........Ummmmz


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