Friday, January 29, 2010


" Hey little Lani... why you smell so stinky?????"
Ok so thats not exactly how the song went, but you get the point.

Who would imagine that something so little and cute could be so smelly at times  (PEEEEEEEEEEEE-EEEEEEEEEW) !!!
The best part is that normally when a little smell slides out, she makes this crooked little smile that you cant help but laugh at, or this snorting sound then laughs, as if she is cracking herself up!  I've decided she gets her gassiness from daddy.   We will definitely have to discuss how to be a lady when she's older but for now it's just funny.  I'm sure one day she is going to kill me for telling everyone that she is a little stinker, but what can i say she's just TOO STINKIN CUTE  not to tell!

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