Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Now most women are super emotional during their pregnancy,and while i had moments of sensitivity, i think i was fairly sane (others may differ in opinion)!!! Since Langston has been born, I have been super sensitive.
my doctor warned me that my emotions would increase dramatically due to the sudden change in hormone levels. i never knew it would be like this. Now granted i'm not crying 24/7, but when the sprinklers come on, watch out. Today was one of those sprinkler days. i'm pretty sure i balled 1/2 of the day! Luckily i have amazing family who came to my rescue (thanks Aunt Nikki) and gave me a few hours of me time to "woooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaw" or cook us dinner (my sweet brother and sisteri n law). I'm not sure how I would have made it this far with out my family, especially with Sean going back to work. they've been a major help, especially my mom. She literally cooked and cleaned and burped, and anything else you can think of for an entire week. Because of the c-section I was really limited on what I could do at first. Honestly it really put me into a reality check of what all it took to be a parent this week.
I've been alone with Lani and didn't quite realize how much work was involved! doctor visits, round the clock feeding and diaper change, sleep deprivation. don't get me wrong I'm grateful for every minute of the last two weeks, but i have a whole new appreciation of my parents!!


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  1. Girl I'm telling you once that baby is out your are thrown head first into the pool of parenthood with no life jacket!!! (Hello can I wade in the kiddy pool first--I guess that would be when your at the hospital after the baby is born) ....Especially when you throw into the equation cooking, cleaning, errands and other duties....... major sleep depravation!!! its like wait precious gift give mommy a few more hours of shut eye!! And I can feel you on the sensitivity. I would cry at the thought of someone hurting my baby, being without my baby, loving the man I am with and amazed that we made this baby together, loving being a mother, loving our little family that is created, and the list goes on and on. I remember one time I was in the kitchen cooking after khalil was born and my boo was going to go outside to hoop and I started crying like no dont go..mind you the court was like 10 steps away from the door...we lived right next to it in our apartment lmbo. Thank God for maternity leave but its just so short and it was hard to go back to work (I cried about that Parenthood really takes a lot...most definitely not a part time job and when you add more children to the equation in my case where we have 3 kids under the age of 5, its more like overtime!!!! I love my babies though...wouldnt trade them for anything!! It can be alot at times but God built us women very tough and strong!!!! Thank you God :) And its always wonderful when you have a great man by your side. My hubby is awesome!


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