Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not a happy camper!!!!

so as I make it to the end of this pregnancy, I haven't been the happiest camper!
i've been sore and tired and all around crummy.

Luckily for me Sean has really stepped up his A-game.
For the past few days he has been there to take care of me and has thought of what i might want before i even realize it.

He has cleaned, made dinner, been a handy man, and just really been attentive.
I feel truly blessed to have him around through these last few miserable days....

needless to say, since i've been miserable every one has given us suggestions to induce labor.

1. eat eggplant
2. eat spicy food
3. walk
4. hot baths
5. sex

Now i wont go into details but i am a science teacher, so i decided to put these to the test. I have concluded that all of these but #1 are wives tales and not a proven method (i'm not a fan of eggplant so i cant vouch for that). All i did cause was more soreness, indigestion,or general discomfort. I've decided i'm going to call my dr tomorrow and try to convince her again that she needs to either induce me or put me on bed rest. I've been so cranky!!!! i feel horrible for my students.

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  1. Totally random but I'll tell ya what worked for me. My husband played in a softball game that night and wanted to stay and have a beer afterwards. I said fine but he ended up staying for 3 hours....I was FUMING mad when he got home. I got so worked up and seriously angry and like 10 minutes later my water broke...2 weeks early :) you husband to do something that will piss you off!! I forgot about it later because I was so nervous the time had finally arrived!!


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