Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sean..... i think this is it!!!!

pregnancy cartoon

So december 26th i woke up at 6:15 am to a very interesting feeling!!!
Ashley: I think my water just broke!
Sean: are you sure?
Ashley: i think so, but the dr told me to lie down and wait 30 mins if i wasnt sure. Then sand again and see if the water begins to flow again
Sean: ok good then i have 30 more mins to sleep (yes he realy said that)

..... 30 mins and 2 potty breaks later....

ashley: ok, pretty sure my water broke.
sean: ok i'll call the dr

we get up and begin to get dressed. we get a voicemail that the dr will meet us at the hospital (since my stupid phone didn't ring)

on the way to the hospital we call both of the moms to let them know that Lani is coming!!!!

we arrive at the hospital a little before 7. My parents, sisters, and cousins autumn and shay arrived shortly after. Because there is no more fluid, the nurse has to "Check" to see if my water really broke! This was by far one of the most painful experiences of my life. for those of you who have had this check you know why I was traumatized. For those of you who haven't just take my word for it. i literally didn't speak to anyone else for a good 10 mins. i did however inform the nurse that he owed me dinner and a movie!

Well after all that, she still wasn't sure if my water broke, and went forth to test me again. She then decided that the doctor would need to test me! after a while the dr showed up gave the exam. At first she said my water didn't break, but after a few minutes she said that maybe my water had broke, and had to check AGAIN!!!!.

Time she decided that the baby was pressing on my bladder, and along with some other wonderful pre-pregnancy stuff, it just seemed like my water had broken or was leaking. and that i should rest assure that my water had not broken, but she could feel lani's head!!!
(no consolation to me: the dr said had it been a week later she would have just induced)

After all that i became very upset and emotional. after a good 10-15 minutes of balling, and reassuring by the nurse that "this happens at least 3-4 times a day" i gathered my composure and we went home.

We had another dr's appointment monday. i was sure to ask dr. bankston what labor would actually feel like, so not to be fooled again. Sean also asked when we should expect the baby and she predicted thiw week or next week. So lets keep our fingers crossed. (after all tonight and tomorrow are a full moon!!!!)

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