Friday, January 15, 2010

LABOR & DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!

so where do i begin?????? i guess i will start with the beginning.

I cant begin to tel you how anxious I was Wednesday morning... i literally woke up and checked the alarm clock every 30 minutes, as if I would ever actually over sleep. Secretly, i was also a bit bothered that Sean as able to sleep so peacefully. (ok, it wasn't really a secret)

finally at 5:30 i decided to call it quits on this whole sleep thing, and got up and took a shower. I also did my hair and make up. why should sean and Langston look great in pics, while i look like swamp thing????

After sean was up and ready we left for the hospital. We arrived at the front desk right at 7:30 am. they escorted us to the room, and that is where it all began.....

Things started off very well. i was already contracting when they hooked me up to the monitors. my mom and dad arrived shortly after followed by my sister cylinda, nikki, and finally dr. b!!!! Dr. B gave the ok to start the pitocin to make my contraction more steady and productive. After 3 hours of pitocin ( with steady dosage increases every 30 mins) i was ready for the epidural. Despite being super scared about receiving the epidural, the anesthesiologist was super gentle and nice, and had me feeling cozy in a matter if minutes. the nurse then checked me again (after the epidural had some time to kick in) and discovered that i was 4 1/2 cm and 100% effaced. now to the untrained mother (like myself), this all sound great!!!!! wooooo hooooo right! wrong. the nurse tells me that you should dilate and efface at the same rate. Therefore i should be dialated to a ten. the nurse went forth to tell me that she could feel scar tissue on my cervix (from a surgery a few years ago) and that she would need to break the scar. Sounds fine to me seeing as i cant feel a thing thanks to my wonderful friend epidural. she begins to "stretch" my cervix, and then the waiting is resumed. After another hour or so, Dr. B stops by and stretches my cervix some more. Dr. B warns me that it will now be a waiting game for my cervix to finish dilating, but we should be back in business soon. (12:30ish)

Fast forward to 4:30 (sean has run to popeyes to get food and take a break)... i am now dilated to 5 1/2 cms,and my blood pressure has gone up!!!the nurse has me roll on my right side to help lower my bp. while I'm laying on my side, my mom is standing behind me and talking to my nurse. It seems as if they are whispering, but i really wasn't listening to them, as i was more distracted by the number of nurses that have suddenly join the room. Suddenly it dawns on me that this is not social hour. I stat to roll over to see whats happening behind me, but no one will let me look. i try to listen more intently to their conversation and notice that everyone keeps asking "does dr b know yet?" or "where is dr b? who paged her?"

At this point i know that this is more than just my bp. I roll over and demand to be told what is going on. Just as i see that Langston's heart monitor is now in the 30's dr b walks in, and informs me that we are going to have a c section immediately. seconds later the anesthesiologist walks in with more meds, and starts to numb me from the shoulders down. sean walks in a few seconds later and is handed scrubs and told to get dressed!!!!

quite honestly everything else is a blur. i remember the anesthesiologist explaining the entire procedure, and that it would take 45 mins. the next thing i remember is some one holding lani upside down in the air, and a few secs later saying, "ok we are all done". They announced that she was 5lbs13 oz and 18 inches, which i found hard to believe. i dont remember much else until about an hour or two later in the recovery room.

All i know is that I am super blessed to have God watching over me and my fam, especially my beloved Langston!!! And despite the long "labor " God had definitely "delivered" us!


JAN 13TH, 2010
5:49 PM


  1. She's Beautiful!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you & Sean. I can't wait to meet Ms Lani.
    ~ Crystal Casteel

  2. She looks perfect! So happy for you both! Enjoy your bundle of joy!! -Stephanie Nero-

  3. ashley, she is gorgeous!!! love ya girl! again congrats to you and S.H.... ummmz :)

  4. She's beautiful!! I love her hair!! I am so happy that everything turned out ok! Congrats!


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