Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tuesday my mom and I took Langston for her one week check up! It was so exciting! Dr. Freideman has been my doctor since I was in middle school. It seemed special to me to have him take care of our little girl as well.

We received alot of great news:
 ~ she now weighs 6 lbs 12 oz (a whole pound more than her birth weight)
~ she is now 19 inches long (1 inch gain)
~ She had to have blood drawn so that the could recheck her jaundice levels. (she was sucha trooper and slept right through it)
~ today the dr's office called to tell us that her jaundice levels have improved ( she still has to continue her daily sun baths)

Her next appointment will be in one month! I can only imagine how much she will have changed by then!

pics of her first appointment:

 Having her measurements taken by Keisha

Getting a bottle from NiNi after her 1st diaper change!

A picture with Dr. Friedman shortly before she poo'd on him!
(I couldn't help but laugh)

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