Monday, January 25, 2010

poor little thing (possibly tmi)

my poor baby had a bit of a crummy weekend.
fyi: sad baby = even sadder mommy= sad daddy

Miss Langston was not able to go #2 for most of the weekend, and when she did, my poor baby cried, cringed and grunted her way through it. Needless to say i was in tears right along with her.
Thanks to my resident baby expert (Umoh) we gave Langston watered down baby prune juice Sunday morning.
Every toot or wet diaper i felt i assumed she was finally able to go.
And each time she couldn't go, my heart broke a little more.

Finally this morning my baby went poo.
And when i say went, i mean this girl went.
i have never been so happy to see a smelly, dirty diaper.
As strange as it sounds it was such a relief for both of us (in slightly different ways though).

needless to say my baby is a happy camper now!
and I'm sure we are all relieved.

"happy baby= happy wife= happy life"
(so eloquently stated by one of the husbands on RHONJ)

Here are a few pics from the past week!
its so hard to believe that she is really ours!
i have never been so in love (ok well maybe with sean :P but you know what i mean)

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  1. Glad she's feeling better. Trust me this won't be the first or last time you have to do this. I swear everytime we turned around Addison was constipated. We used apple juice and then when that didnt work we had to do the whole suppository thing. NO FUN!!! I felt so bad for her because she was so unhappy and trying to go and grunting and straining!!! Terry used to do a "poop dance" for Addison so she would maybe go, and then when you get that poop diaper, you are so excited! Your days will know revolve around your daughters poop, that is the best topic of discussion in our house. :-)


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