Wednesday, January 20, 2010


(our little girl on her 1 week birthday )

Its so hard to imagine that a week ago today we were preparing for the biggest day in our lives. I cant begin to explain the emotions we felt that day! The nerves, the excitement, the concern, the joy.... i could go on forever.

So how has our lives changed in one week:
~ we now have a 3 person household (makes our little family more official)
~ we no longer get to decide when we go to bed or wake up (she runs that show for now)
~ we now have someone who depends on us for everything in her life
~ we now refer to each other as mommy and daddy (or dada)
~ we have been given the best gift in the world
~ we have grown closer as a couple

How has Langston changed:
~ she is much more alert (she sleeps about 15 hours a day versus the 20 she used to sleep)
~ she laughs and smiles when we talk to her
~ she looks at you when you talk her
~ she gives everyone the "stink eye" when she laughs (Daddy now calls her Stink Eye)
~ she loves sun bathing in her swing

I know it has only been a week but it seems like a life time we have spent together already! she is truly the best thing i've ever done. Some how I feel the word is better with her in it! i know ours is for sure!

here is a little video of her swinging in the sun!

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