Sunday, October 31, 2010

Momma's Dont let your babies grow up to be Bearcats!!!

So last wee we were fortunate enough that my mom was willing to watch Lani for 5 days so we could take our first solo trip since she was born. And what exciting destination did we go to....


The Battle of the Piney Woods in Houston of course.... What were you thinking VEGAS ; P 
Sidenote: this was the original destination of the trip when we first made arraignments.  Then we found out that SFA was playing in Reliant the same weekend and there went that idea!

So this trip was adventurous to say the least....

Our first Stop was in Madisonville, TX

Buc-ee's ! 

My husbands favorite gas station and apparently the best beef jerky in the world! (yuck)

Now this has to be the biggest gas station in America.  We usually go to the one is pearland, but when saw there was one 100~some odd miles before houston, i knew that would be a pit stop!

.... back to driving....

After we get settled in Pearland, I decide to go get a Mani-pedi and a wax. This can be difficult with VS around since she's been banned from the nail shop i go to in dallas.  (SMH)

So i go to my old nail place in Pearland, which has been bought out i'm assuming, and the only person in there SPEAKS NO ENGLISH.... AT ALL... NOT A LICK!

At first i didnt notice. i walked in and said mani-pedi.  it wasnt until i said delux and she just smiled at me, that i began to wonder... I ended up having to check myself out, because she also couldnt work the credit card machine (thank goodness for that year at the bookstore in college) otherwise i would have eventually had to walk out...  So needless to say i went to another spot for the wax!  I would have asked for a full face and she would have thought i said something else.  YIKES!

So that night i decided i didnt want to go to the casino in lake charlses because the bus they were taking didnt leave until 4 am, and i had already been up since 4 with VS

I decided i was going to sit back and just kick my feet up...


but some how i still ended up in Lake Charles the next day when my hubby and his crew missed the bus back.

So Reggie (Sean's best friend) and I drove 2 hours away to go get them

We were in and out of Louisiana in a wopping 4 hours! I think that is the definition of a turn around!

Later that day we made it to the first Alumni party,

the next day we eventually made it to the game and out tailgating, despite our 10 AM start time...  We were definitely on Lumberjack time!
it was good to see old friends and of course my overly social husband made friends with strangers and scored us free food.

And to wrap it up, we definitely kicked some SAM butt!
Lesson for Sam Folks: Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be bearcats !

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