Thursday, October 7, 2010


So everyone one knows i love a blog party, and Elizabeth at Confession's of a working mom, had an awesome topic... "What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?"    

Now I have a ton of great memories from that day, and it was super hard for me to pick just one, for example: My God Father walking me down the isle...

He has been the best Godfather you could ask for, and since my day already got to walk 2 daughters down the isle, we thought it would be special for Uncle Freddie to walk me down ( My dad did give me though)...
I remember shaking and balling , and him telling all the people leaning into the isle, and trying to take pics, as only Panamanians would do, to get out of the way...

Or my mom making me cry every time i saw her.  I think she was more nervous and shaky then I was that day.  She worked so hard to give me the wedding of my dreams,  and I couldnt have asked for anything better

or my super protective big brother sneaking in to tell me how much he loves me! you can even hear him telling Sean "you better take care of my sister," as we walked out of the wedding

My Grandmother making it to the wedding. We stalled waiting to see if the doctors would let her out of the hospital, but i knew she would make it.  She told me when i got engaged that only thing she wanted to do was see her baby get married, and she was there...   There is actually an entire blog dedicated to her and how incredible of a woman she was,  i truly miss her.

Dancing with my dad... OK so anyone who knows me knows that I'm a perfectionist when it comes to planning events, and my wedding was planned all the way down to the tiniest but.  well my dad thought it would be a great idea to wear a different vest and cummerbund to my wedding than what i picked out, which i of coursed noticed immediately.  So during our father daughter dance, i just mentioned that i noticed and this is what he did...

What can I say!!!! you gotta love him!

But the #1 memory... The moment we realized we were husband and wife.  I don't think we've ever been or looked as happy as we did in that moment (well accept when Lani was born).  But when i look at this picture i see pure joy and happiness, and it reminds me of what our videographer sent to us in a card, after the wedding.  As the years pass, and you have you ups and downs, I hope you can look back at this day and remember why you fell in love, and how you felt in that very moment, and remind your selves that its all worth it! 

And through out the last 3 years, all the smiles, tears, ups, and downs, in the end every moment has been worth it!

I love you baby!

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