Monday, March 15, 2010

TAG!!!! You're it!

My friend Marisa tagged me in this game! here are the rules:
1. Open your first photo folder on your computer.

2. Scroll to the 10th picture.

3. Post that picture and the story behind it.

4. Tag 5 or more people.

i tag: zipper, kat, laura, jackie, and corrine

looking at this pic you would think they look happy !!! 
and when you first start to read the story behind the pic you may be a bit confused, but just read on...
This picture was taken on the way to my grandma's funeral in june 08
My grandmother moved in with us, when I was in third grade. Over the years she was more than just Grandma Ouida, she became a mentor, a counselor, a confidant, a comedian, and a best friend.

When there was no one to talk to she was always there for me and gave me great/humorous advice.

my grandma had actually been hospitalized for the past year and a half. infact there were many times where we thought she wouldnt make it.  On Jan 1, 2007 i got engaged.  At this point my grandma was still very sick, but promised me that she would make it to our wedding day.   Although doctors and nurses said this was impossible, i knew my grandma had the strength of a timex watch. "TAKES A LICKIN AND KEEPS ON TICKIN".  As the year went on there were many up and down, touch and go night. We all had our fair share of long nights in a hospital chair, but low and behold, dec 31, 2007 rolled around and there she was!!!

giving her Miss America wave as my brother rollers her in.
later she told me how everyone was watching and so happy to see her so she had to waive and let them know "the queen was here"  lol!!!

telling her how happy i was that she made it.  we weren't sure if the dr would let her leave. but she convinced them to let her.  she told me later that she had her wish to "see my girl get married" and that she was ready to go.  She held on for 6 more months after that.  we were able to have many talks until she finally went to hospice, and when she passed although i was sad that she was gone i was so happy that she was out of pain and in heaven where she belonged.  

so on the way to the funeral we decided that the day should be a celebration not a day of sadness.  We had all agreed to wear white, and her grandchildren were to do the eulogy.

now my brother and sisters all gave sad speeches, but i knew my grandma would have wanted everyone to laugh so i decided to share some of her wisdom. now while i dont remember the entire list or the exact order, i will hare a few. we shall call them "ouidisims" (note: my grandma is from panama central america so some dont really translate well but i will try to explain)

1. horse dont business in cow fights (stay out of others fights)
2. What you looking for? your father's head? (anytime you looked in her pot while she was cooking)
3. two pon one is murder (dont gang p on people in an argument)
4. I dont worry about the touchdowns. I worry about what he touching up... (lol when i dated a football player in college)
5. i'll cut your leg off and call you shorty (when ever she thought you were acting "grown")
6. dont make me kick you with my good leg ( she only had one as a result of her diabetes so this was always funny)
7. dont tell your right hand what your left hand do
8. you cant be wrong and strong

.... and so on

as i continued to read my list i noticed that people in the audience we smiling, laughing and nodding. after the service it seemed like everyone there had a "ouidisim" to share. it was nice to know that she had such a great impact on sooooo many people. i hope that one day i can have a fraction of that impact on others.
so if you were blessed to know her feel free to share your "ouidisms."

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