Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8 weeks!

8 weeks ago today i was the most nervous woman in the world. ok so maybe not the whole world, but probably garland texas, ok maybe just on lancer lane but you get my point.

i couldn't eat and felt like my heart was racing because i knew my life would change forever in the next 24 hours. now here i am 8 weeks later and nervous again. Nervous that im going back to work and having to leave my little girl in some strangers arms for the rest of the day

needless to say i've been nervous as hell all day! imagining what i may miss. the first time she rolls over. the first time she sits up. the first time she puts her paci in her mouth herself. ive decided that im going to tell them not to inform me of any 1sts so that when ever sean or i see it happen we can feel it really is the first time.

so here is a 2 month update:
~ Lani is staying awake alot longer, but with that said she also sleeps for longer stretches too. She sleeps for about 3 hours at a time

~ We switched to similac, not because enfamil made her sick, but we seriously had like 10 cases of similac, and lets face it formula is expensive.

~ She laughs all the time and smiles in her sleep.

~ she will sit in my lap and watch tv for a long time. and yes i know she doesnt understand, but i think she likes the changing shapes and colors

~ i plan to post new pics and videos asap. most likely next week when Sean's fam comes down for spring break

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  1. I may be biased but similac is better than enfamil! Enfamil to me is too hard on babies stomachs. All my babies are awesome feeders (gee I wonder where they get that from ;)but with my first son he would throw up a lil after eating enfamil, the same with my second son but after we switched to similac he had a better time keeping his food down. with the last baby she started on similac right off the bat and did awesome with it...kept it all down. you gotta post some video of her lani laughing. i bet its cute :D love ya...Ummz


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