Tuesday, March 2, 2010

im so sad : (

I cant believe my time at home with Langston is almost over. i have exactly one week left today, and i swear this has been the fastest 8 weeks of my life. everyday she grows an changes some and i'm so sad of what i might miss. each week or we send sean's mom a video. i thought i would attach one so you can see how big she has gotten!

she is such a happy and funny baby and has so much personality already!every day we sing and dance (usually to kc & the sunshine band... 'shake shake shake.. shake


  1. Girl, maternity leave always flys by. I remember with the last baby I had I cried on the way to the house (yeah good ol hormones) because I knew maternity leave was now starting and that I would be back at work soon. atleast while I was at the hospital during my 3 day stay, maternity leave hadnt started yet and I had all this time (i know it sounds crazy doesnt it). You will probably cry the first day you go back to work....but it will get better. it just makes getting off of work that much more exciting to know that your little one will be happy to see her mommy. cherish this last week because it will be gone before you know it but hey.....as a teacher you have spring break, weekends, holidays, and summers off so you wont miss too much time ;)love ya girl....Ummmz

  2. Hey! I am not sure how I founf your blog, but I wsa looking at your snow photos on FB. She is gorgeous! We should totally meet up for some Desperados and you better bring that cutie with you!


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