Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesdays!!!

This is my first time participating in wishful wednesday, but i thought this weeks subject was perfect....
'I wish' .... I could win the lottery REAL soon, and I would hope to become a stay at home mom and work full time on Little Miss Sass-A-Frass!!!

Wishful wednesday comes from Kelsey's blog, The Seatle Smith's Blog. Each week there is a new topic for you to read about on her blog, as well as share on yours. check it out!

OK..... so im super excited about todays blog!!!! because it touches two really big events in my lif at the moment.

i mentioned a few posts back how sad i was about going back to work, because i would have to miss a lot of Lani's firsts. Well i think God heard my cry and prayer because as she lay on the blanket my little angel rolled over. Now at first i wasnt sure if it was a fluke or not so i put her on her belly again, and she rolled back over. katrina happened to be over working on bows so it was so nice to have some one there to share in my excitement. (especially since no one in my fam answered the phone). so after watching her roll 4 times, i ran to get my camera to record it.

The second part f my wish is getting to focus on Katrina and my new adventure "Little Miss Sass-A-Frass". We have tarted to make affordable accessories for our kids and yours too. Check out our facebook fan page or our blog ( We are so excited!!!!


  1. I like your answer! And how exciting about your daughter rolling over! :)

  2. YAYA!!!! The video was great, and the bows were also adorable! I am totally interested in pricing and helping bring customers to your new adventure!

  3. i love it!!! how cute girl!!!! and she is most definitely trying to go shes trying to make room for the next know how the saying goes :) Ummz


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