Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ok so i saw this topic on Sammy's "Bits and Pieces" ( blog, and it sounded like fun. Top Three Thursdays is this fun little blog that Confessions from a Working Mom & The (Un)Experienced Mom host each Thursday. Join in and play along! :)

So today's top 3: What are your Top 3 quirks?

#3: Forgetfulness!!!
i would love to blame this one on pregnancy, but seeing as lani is 2 months old now, i'm pretty sure its just me. seriously. i walk into a room and either forget what i was looking or just forgetting that i was even looking for something, and start doing something else. i have complete conversations with my husband and a day or two later would swear that we had "no such conversation"!!!

#2: Telling Secrets:
ok so i cant keep a secret to save my life! i will always end up telling you what i bought you for christmas or your birthday. In fact i've started waiting until a day or two before holidays/birthdays to go shopping so that i have less time to

#1: Popping my hubby's pimples (@ working mom... you arent the only one!)
Let me yell it for you!!!!
I know! its disgusting, but they just bug me. i see them i have to get rid of them. I feel like a lion staking my prey! I see it out of the corner of my eye. watch them slowly. then just lean over and squeeze..... omg i've managed to gross myself out... He gets so annoyed but i cant help it. its like an addition. i just have to pop it!!!

So what's your top 3!?!?!?!?!?


  1. ok so i know its top 3 but i thought of another one!!! i have to give my husband 3 kisses, or in a series of 3. 1, 2, 4 just dont feel right. but 3 or 6 is perfect. ohhh and always have two by more than one of something. like i cant buy one tank i have to buy at least 2, or can food when i grocery shop.... you dont even want to know!

  2. Thanks for having my back on the pimples-- I appreciate knowing I'm not the only one!

    And I used to have a great memory-- ever since I got pregnant (26 months ago!) it's left me. I still blame preggo brain!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. No worries ... secrets are hard for mortals to keep :-)

  4. i dont know what the order would be for mine but 1) I'm always doubling checking myself like for instance if i pull out the garage, i always ask if i let the garage door down and will circle back to the house to check if i did (mind you i have never left with the garage door open so i dont know why i do this), 2) I do the kisses thing with my husband too :D lol 3)I absolutely can not go to bed if there are toys everywhere. I could be dead tired from work gettin ready to go to bed and I will not even get into the bed until everything is put away neatly...i dont know just messes with my mind...i feel more at peace when things are straight lol......Ummz

  5. i meant double checking.........another one to add to the list. lack of proofreading before hitting send. lol....... ummz

  6. and another one i thought of and then i'm done, i have to do things a head of time if i can help. this is why my husband calls me task master because there is always something that i am doing that can be done later but in my eyes im like no if i do it now then i dont have to find the energy to do it later when i dont want to. .....I'm working on toning that down some because that takes away from time with my boo lol....i think this one would be number one on my list. ok. bye now i'm done before i think of more things. love ya ash.....ummz

  7. I try to think that I am being forgetful rather than not listening, which I think I have so many things on my mind that I don't always "hear" what is going on and then forget. Oh well.

    Pimples are indeed yucky - pop them! :)

  8. Girl, you get the whole "pregnancy-induced memory" card until they are like 18 months! Seriously...I heard somewhere that it takes a long time for our brains to go back to normal after being effected by giving birth. So use it! ;-)

    Sorry it took me so long to stop by.

    Thanks for playing our game!



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