Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wishful wednesday

'I wish'.... I could afford.... This fabulous sydney embossed shoulder bag with embossed trim....  without putting a dent in my pocketbook!

whopping price: $898.00
it adds to my celebrity status!!!! remember; i told you a while back i'm a celebrity in my head.
i have all of the qualifications:
small dog that fits in purse~ check.
huge sunglasses~ check.
road rage and the occasional fender bender~ check
uneccessary shopping~ check
papparazzi (aka bumping into my students at target)~ check
an entourage~ check  (hello did you see the wedding pics... my fam is gynormous)
baby daddy~ check ( ok we're married but it counts)
fabulous SUV(aka beat up explorer sport)~ 
lots of money~ ok i have lots of bills (student loans, utilities, day care....etc)  but technically at one point it was my money :(

so whats ur wish??????


  1. I wish I could afford Addison's upcoming medical bills.

  2. How cute are you!!! I am loving your celebrity status, and that bag would totally sum it up!!


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