Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a little update

Ok so school is officially in full speed! (is it June yet??? Nuff said)
The funniest parts are all of my old students figuring out i'm preggo now!
They just keep looking like they want to ask but some are scared that maybe i ate a basketball over the summer... lol

Family. everyone is doing well and healthy. we have a dr's appt tomorrow and it's hard to imagine that we are 1/2 through our second trimester and that she will be here in 4 months.

pregnancy cartoon

So up until recently i think i've been a pretty sane preggo. but the emotions are full swing. i even cried along with one of my kids today because "six grade is soooo horrible and everyone is soooo mean." yes i was in tears with her in the hall. i remember middle school (actually 9th grade was my hell). but seeing her in tears broke my heart. normally crying kids dont phase me, but i've become even more sensitive (if that was even possible). And my students aren't the only one's getting a bucket full of emotions. The hubby is in for it too! Now granted he's trying to be a good expecting hubby. But apparently no one told him that some times i am just pissed or sad, and i really dont know why! but he is getting a crash course! that sometimes i need a little bit of extra attention and flattering, cause having everyone tell you how big you're getting can do some damage for one's self esteem. But when i get dressed in the morning, it helps to have someone tell you that you're beautiful each day!

on a side note my new guilty pleasure is GLEE!!! i'm obsessed! if you haven't seen it you gotta watch! here are a few little clips! if you dont find your self singing along you're crazy

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