Monday, September 28, 2009

Langston??? Where did you get that name???

Langston actually originated prior to sean and i getting married. My aunt MeMe was pregnant with a little girl, and looking for a unique name. i had seen the cutest little girl and her name was Langston, so i suggested the name. My aunt decided on the name Langston Jolee (Jolee: was a combo of my grandparents name Jonita and Leroy, who had both passed). A few weeks before she was born my aunt changed the name the Macy Jolee (which reminded me of macy grey, coincidentally the baby has grey eyes). Although a bit disappointed, i let my aunt know that if/when i had a daughter, her name would be Langston (sean was not yet aware).

2 years later i found out i was preggo and naming the baby seemed to be a simple task. or so i thought. Sean was not too excited about the name Langston. So we came to the agreement that if we had a boy sean could choose the name (with my help), and if we had a girl, I would choose the name.

Sean decided on Dylan Carter for a boy. Dylan means "son of the sea"!!! Since sean is a self proclaimed water baby, this was the perfect name for our little boy. Carter the meaning "a bringer of good"!!!

For a girl, i chose Langston meaning " a long or long island" and Nicole meaning "victory or victory of the people". I went on a website and used a program to explain her name. The website stated she would be a great Leader and athlete! If sean had any doubt on her name, i think it went out the window with that definition! The nick name Lani (pronounced lay-nee) was a combo of both name La-Langston and Ni-Nicole!

*** on a side note yes i know that langston is a boy name, much like ryan, taylor, colby, etc, and although it was not inspired by Langston Hughes, he is one of my favorite poets, and one of the first poetry books that my mother gave me!


  1. well... I love the name choice!! I cant wait to see pictures!

  2. thanks! i cant wait to hold and kiss on her. it seems so far but still so close


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