Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let the countdown begin!!!!

It's crazy to imagine but we are less than 100 days til our little button arrives. It's so hard to image that in a few months out daughter will be here.

Current tasks:

~ Still trying to decorate her nursery (the baby bed has been a major stresser)
~ Buying her bedding. of course i didn't like anything in the stores so we had to go custom
~ Thank you cards ( i ordered super cute ones from and have to fill them out)
~ Make a guest list for our baby shower
~ Clean out our garage!!!! the dreaded garage.

Other updates:

My job gave us a baby shower. it was actually a group shower since Frankford seems to have something in the water that causes people to get preggo! (i'm also a bit suspicious of the local sundays and fridays, which allows for us to have a full family day now! This will also be helpful when lani gets here

we have also officially enrolled out baby in daycare. this actually makes me a little sad, but i know she will be at a great school and learning great things (they even teach sign language to the babies)

pregnancy cartoon

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