Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tiffany's with an edge

So we have started to decorate Langston's room, and the more we get done the more i love it.

We had the house deep cleaned and her room painted on Saturday. We did a custom blend color, but after it dried, it looked like a tiffany blue. We hung some of the signs and a mirror, and the mix of the black and blue made me think of breakfast at tiffany's. Then we hung up the zebra curtains and it totally gave the room a funky little twist! WE LOVE IT!

We also picked up her bed finally and once we've got it put together, we will post a few progress pictures! I only hope Lani grows to love her room as much as we do!

Today also happens to be Sean's 28th birthday (he loves the fact that he is 2 years older than me for a few weeks). We went to Dodie's (sean's favorite seafood restaurant) in allen. Just to find out that this is a different dodies. the old one closed moved, and this restaurant "Stole" the name! Despite the disappointment of it being a sports bar vs. a seafood restaurant, we had an awesome time (and the food was really good). Here are a few pics from lunch!

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