Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Hot Mama!!!!

... And i don't mean the sexy way!!!!
I'm starting to think the Nelly song "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes" should be my theme song... lol.. I'm constantly hot and sweating like a mad woman. Trust me there is nothing sexy about that! Good thing it's fall now and not the heat of the summer! Needless to say I'm enjoying the cooler temps, now if that stinking rain would just lay off!

Lately i feel like i'm eating us out of house and home! when i say hungry, i mean starving like crazy. I always hear about the appetite of a pregnant woman and it sure has kicked in!

So time for the Lani update (what you really wanted to hear)!!!

She is a complete night owl (we have her daddy to thank for that) and kicks me from about 1 am to 5 am straight!!! According to my doctor's appointment today she seems very healthy and right on target growth wise. I am starting my 2 week visits now, my next one is actually on my bday. So I'll get to hear her little heart beat for my bday :). I also received my first of 2 Rh antibody shots to keep my body from rejecting her, as well as glucose testing and more genetic screening. My left arm is probably wishing it could detach itself from me right now.

We got the call today that her crib is ready to be picked up! we had a lot of drama with her first crib, but the new one is absolutely adorable. We have been stocking up on clothes and diapers, but still need to get some of the big items.

Her shower will be November 8th, also by my birthday so we will have an awesome weekend of celebrations. We are hoping to get gift cards (not to sound ungrateful) since we really just need the expensive stuff now! I must say the gift cards from my work shower came in very handy, with the unexpected purchase of a new crib!

i cant believe we have less than 13 weeks left!

I should be posting again next week with pics from Sean's bday (oct 25th), and our last solo trip to the fair this sunday! i cant wait for Lani to go with us next year. unitl next time~

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