Sunday, September 20, 2009

22 WEEKS MY @$$!!!!!!

so Thursday i had my 23 week visit. 23 weeks and 4 days to be exact. Needless to say i was extremely nervous, since this was my first visit with a new Dr. (i have to meet all 4 dr's in the practice). I must admit i was very nervous about going to another dr. I've gone to Dr. Bankston since i was a teenager. She knows that i'm a serious worry wart and all of my history.

I told sean the night before that i was nervous, so he tried to help me think of all the questions I wanted to ask.

Well the minute i walked in things were a little strange. They asked me which Ashley Harris was I? Strange, that's never happened before! But... i guess ashley and harris are both common names.

The nurse shows me to my room. While Sean and I are talking and waiting, the nurse comments that i am 22 weeks along. Clearly this was a mistake, so i inform her that i was 23 weeks and 4 days, and due Jan 10th. to my surprise the nurse replies, "according to this, you are 22 weeks and due Jan 16th, but the baby will come when ever she's ready so it doesn't make much difference." Now maybe i'm a bit sensitive but i was annoyed. she leaves the room noting that the dr will be in shortly.

So sean and i are waiting and talking again. and the dr. soon arrived. I asked her about the due date and she informed me that she would investigate. well the dr asks do we have any questions or concerns and i mention that i have a cough at night. She informs me that it's acid reflux. I explain that i have asthma and allergies and feel like it's my allergies, to which she replies again, "it's acid reflux." Never once does she listen to my chest or check my sinuses. odd in my opinion.

"any other questions or concerns?" I mention to her that sometimes my stomach tightens/ hardens and it lasts for a few minutes. They happen at night, early morning or when i walk a long time. "Well it doesn't sound like round ligament pains, but lets go with that." I explain to her that i've had round ligament pains and that this feels different. "well if it happens regularly call dr. bankston."

at that moment i felt like some stranger that she was forced to see. I even told sean that i would not feel comfortable if they were my delivery doctor and nurse. Needless to say i will be calling Dr. Bankston Monday to ask a few questions ( i wont say why, but i will let her know that i feel more comfy asking her). And yes! if you're wondering, i did try to call on Friday... lol

Any way here is my most recent pic! "24 WEEKS"!!!!

pregnancy cartoon

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