Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank you discovery health!!!

So since i've been out of school, I find my self watching discovery health and tlc constantly.

And there is constantly something on about babies and child birth (needless to say sean isn't enjoying the actual "birth" ones!)

Well yesterday i was watching a video about growth and it actually made me feel so much better. They showed this progression of bellies, and most of the women at weeks were showing and quite round.

This was very comforting since i've already had the "You're gonna be huge comment" quite a bit! It's nice to know that i'm not the only huge one!


on a side note i've been meanig to post pics from the wild flower festival.
My family (minus sean, who was working of course) went to see The Whalers, a Bob Marley tribute band!!!

my mom, sister tanya, and neice/god-daughter ryleigh

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  1. girl TLC and discovery health are the bomb. with all 3 pregnancies I would watch those channels every morning and fall asleep after the first few baby shows especially after a night at work. Even though i work on the OB unit I couldnt get enough of shows like baby story and bringing home baby. I know it would get on chris nerves but i would always want him to see the deliveries lol


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