Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the joys!!!!

So i must say i have truly been blessed so far. although i am early in my pregnancy, i keep hearing that the sickness should have kicked in by now!!! i will just continue to knock on wood that things continue to go smoothly!!!

Now what i have noticed is that everyone in the world has become a baby gender expert!!!! lol
Well you aren't sick, thats a boy..... you have a little acne, thats a girl.... your bump is high, thats a girl... you have heartburn, thats a girl... you have heart burn, thats a boy!!!! even grabbing and rubbing my belly to take some type of homemade measurement...

it's all quite funny to me. the sad part is this is only the beginning

The next great part is the boobs!!!! everyone who knows me, knows how large they are, and yes, they are bigger all ready. And while i was not a skinny minny prior to pregnancy, i did not have a bump... so the fact that both have grown so quickly has lead to an overwhelming out pour of "you're gonna be huge!!!! " comments! yes thank you! thats what every pregnant lady wants to hear!!!

oh well... being huge will be worth it.... we cant wait to meet little Langston Nicole or Dylan Carter!!!!

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