Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sorry So Long

Well.... things have been crazy.... since the last time i wrote, my hubby turned 27 and officially became an old man.... i have anticipated my future as a wedding planner and realized i may be over my head at times.... i'm 6 hours away from turning 26, "which is almost 30, which is almost middle age" to quote Jessica Simpson... and yes i cant help but to say it Barack Obama was named the next President of the USA. This was actually my 2nd time voting (i was registered in nac still last time). so for me it was awesome to know that i was apart of history. no matter who won, this was going to be a land mark decision. But i will say i am a bit excited that Obama won.

about this time 1 year ago i was helping my mother work the caucus, and even though i hoped and prayed for Obama to win, nothing prepared me for the feelings i had last night. the tears, the pride, the joy... I understand that thing will not change tomorrow, next week, maybe even next year. But what i do know is that nov 4th 2008 marked the dawn of a new era, and the day that any kid could say one day i want to be president and actually know that its possible

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