Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Hard Day

So today was a hard day for me....
It all began around 6 pm last night. i came home from shopping to find that Bella was missing. Sean and i drove around the neighborhood hours looking for her and couldn''t find her. Needless to say we called our the local shelters, contacted the homeowners association, and had posters made. But haven't had any response yet.
For those of you who dont't know, I purchased Bella the Feburary after Sean propsed. She is a very important part of our family and i have been crying quite a bit today and yesterday.


I have been having some back pain for a while now. Today i went to the doctor to find out that i am in the early stages of scoliosis. i didn't really know much about it, besides knowing that it means you have a crooked spine. after reading up on scoliosis alot of things made sense, upper back pain, fatigue, the knot between my shoulder blades. I start therapy tomorrow and based on that, the doctor will decide what else is needed.

So with all that ... Today really sucked, but i try to remind my self that is could be worse. at times its hard to imagine it getting worse, but it could be worse. I just try to keep faith that GOd has many plans for me, and while i may not understand them, i must trust in him.

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